Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Cats on Tuesday...

Another Tuesday, another post about egotistical cats... Posky went for his acupuncture with Linda (they call each other Auntie Linda and Mr P now) and was a very good boy.  Charlie went to the vets for another glucose curve and was not... The upshot is that he's going to have his own glucometer at home so that he doesn't get to scare people at the vets.

On with the photos - we have two guest appearances this week... first of all here is 'Market Bosworth Car Park Kitten...'

He sat there very nicely until he saw the camera
and realised he was going to be in Cats on Tuesday,
then he just became over-excited and silly...

Inquisitive kitten
'Omg, omg, omg, OMG,
I can't believe it! Cats on Tuesday!
I've made it, MUM MUM, can you see me?!?'

Then on Friday when we were down in Leighton Buzzard taking photos of Fiona in the graveyard at All Saint's Church, along came 'Slinky Graveyard Cat'.  Of course we all forgot what we were doing and made a fuss of him...

Not content with being cuddled by a photographer, he
was determined to get in on the photo shoot.

Fiona and cat
Here he is with Fiona...

I'd better leave you with pics of some of ours before anarchy and revolution break out...

Here's Pepper with some of the squash that I bought...
she's a little upset here as I got her a diamante
charm for her collar and David broke the catch on it...

Mrs Pod and the squash
...and here's Mrs P.
'The idiot brothers' as Pepper calls them,
were not co-operative about posing nicely
with the squash so have been banned from appearing
this week.

For more kitties visit Gattina's Cats on Tuesday.


Tezzie said...

hahaha! OMG...the over-excited and silly cat made me LOL for real :)

Of course, your cats are still the sweetest ;)...Pepper really reminds me of my Jazmin who found a permanent home back in Canada with my parents. (she's pushing 19, now, so I don't think she'll be with us for much longer :-( )

Love your Cats on Tuesday posts!

Gattina said...

Your pictures are adorable ! So Mr. Charlie has his own glucometer at home ! He probably terrorized the vet ! I had to go with Rosie today because she was caughing since Friday. Fortunately it's nothing serious, she got a little shot but otherwise she is in good health ! (sigh of relief !)

Barbara said...

Tezzie, thank you, hope the kittens are ok, will pop over in a sec and have a look.

Gattina, so glad Rosie is ok, tell her to stop eating mice she's probably allergic to them :O)

Laloofah said...

LOL! "OMG OMG OMG OMG" - the script you gave him fits that wonderful photo perfectly! Too funny!

Love the photo of Fiona with the cat and the headstones (and now I see the grey-blue color of this particular dress, silly me).

Pepper looks especially Autumnal with her beautiful coat colors, and so looks right at home among the pumpkins (you can probably relate to her annoyance after what happened to your camera! David needs to quit touchin' stuff). Mrs P looks lovely with the pumpkins too, and it's The Idiot Brothers' own fault for being upstaged by Market Bosworth Car Park Kitten and Slinky Graveyard Cat in this week's post! (Hope Charlie behaves much better for his glucose curve at home than he did at the vets!)

William Kendall said...

Slinky graveyard cat looks utterly adorable!

The Market kitten would just have to do that, wouldn't he?

And Pepper and Mrs. P look lovely!


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