Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Cats on Tuesday (almost)...

On 12th June Pepper celebrated her 15th birthday.  She rolled around on the carpet quite a lot and posed for my camera.  She also tried to smack Charlie and then screamed at Ralph - so no different to any other day really… (she also went to the Vet for her jabs the next day but we don't talk about that).

Sunday, 15 June 2014



What am I proud of at the moment?  Having the confidence to do photo shoots with models or clients and ask them for what I want, I never thought I'd be able to do it.  Oh and of letting the colour grow out of my hair - because it looks pretty damn funky.

Linking to Song-ography on Kathy's blog.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Pooch Shoot!

Yesterday I met three bouncy dogs to take some pics of them, it was a bit manic but my camera loves a challenge.  What was funny was how the two Maine Coone cats that live with them came along and completely stole the show by posing in strategically lit places.  Got to love cats…

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Berry, berry nice...

Dreadful pun I know, still, I've had these blueberries in my fridge since Friday and have been pondering what to do with them (I bought them specifically to use for photos).  If I'm being virtuous I may throw them into some porridge for breakfast.  However, it's still early so by breakfast I may have given in to my not so well repressed inner food demon and made some muffins with them instead (

The photography set-up for these was pretty basic, a white card on a small table in front of a large window with a silver reflector to bounce back the light into the shadows.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Cats on Tuesday...

Apologies for not keeping the cats' fans supplied with information for a few weeks, the kitties have all hurled scorn and derision at me for this, as well as a few expletives from Charlie.

First of all, Ralph went to the Vet!  He was cruelly attacked by an interloper cat (we refer to him as Big Gus) who comes into the garden and throws his weight about.  He somehow managed to bite Ralph's paw and it was so sore and swollen he couldn't walk on it and was hobbling around on three legs.  He was taken to see Geraldine and Aga at the vets and pronounced a lovely boy, and so well-behaved.  Thankfully after a course of antibiotics and painkillers he was soon back to normal.

Here's Ralph showing off the swollen paw...

He soon got back into 'being a little bugger' mode...

... and keeping an eye out for Big Gus from the safety of the bench.

Charlie has been catching up (!) on his sleep.
Big Gus tried yelling at him in the garden, and of course
Charlie started yelling back and ran at him. 
At this point I intervened
and brought the Charl-ster inside in case things were just about
to turn into a scene that Quentin Tarantino
would be proud of.

Pepper has been busy with her modelling work of course...

But she's seemed a little out of sorts, her back legs
sometimes seem to hurt her and she's pulling her fur
out, so she's off to the Vet on Friday for a check-up.

And Mrs P?
She went for her six monthly check
at the Vet, and was pronounced to be doing really
well for her age.  She's about 19 but still
has the energy to get angry when 
stuffed into a cat carrier for some
upstart to then prod and poke at her.
It took a whole tin of 
tuna to mollify her.

For more kitty news visit Gattina's Cats on Tuesday.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Long time no post...

Once again time has flown by and I've no idea where or how.  I've been busy with photography (of course!), having a birthday, taking various cats to vets, working, going on a photography workshop with Stuart Wood (check out his website and drool over his pics), and generally not keeping this blog up to date.

I'm linking this up with Kathy's (You'll Shoot Your Eye Out) Songography as this week's song is 'Chicken Fried' which is about the little things that make you happy, and these are all people, places, things or moments that have made me grin with glee over the last month or so.

Shooting with Honey Malone on a gorgeous day in Bradgate Park, Leics,...

... and Violet Leys and my bicycle in Stratford upon Avon, Warks.

A visit to Calke Abbey in Derbyshire...

Birthday Buddha...
A new Buddha for my garden...

My cats...

Photography workshop...

My pic is on a book cover :-) 
The publication of a book that I shot the cover for 
(and also some of the pics inside)...

... and finally

...planting some pumpkins and watching them grow :-)
(I know this is a squash not a pumpkin - call it artistic license).


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