Monday, 30 September 2013

In Northamptonshire No-One Can Hear You Scream...

Well that's probably a slight exaggeration, but still.  Saturday was a long day... a very long day.  I was hanging around Northamptonshire waiting to collect David from some event with planes and cars, and due to him not informing me of the time he wanted to be picked up (i.e. 5pm) until 2pm, I was in a very bad mood.  It was our eighteenth wedding anniversary on Friday - by Saturday pm I'd written a few more vows I'd have liked to add to the originals, none of them good.

So - things I learned from this:
a) Men do not exist in the same time zone as normal people.

b) If a man arranges a time for you to meet, or for you to collect him from somewhere, get it in writing. Him signing it in blood is optional but not a bad idea.

c) Flys seem strangely attracted to my car and swarms of them settled on it when I stopped anywhere.  Does this mean my car is possessed by demonic forces?  It's a Peugeot so this is entirely possible. 

d) It's amazing how many random objects and places you can find to take photos of, especially when it gets to the point that you're trying to distract yourself from thinking that YOU REALLY NEED TO GO TO THE TOILET SOON!

e) There aren't many public toilets in Northamptonshire.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Cats on Tuesday...

Making his debut on Cats on Tuesday today is Clyde.  Clyde is the rather gorgeous cat that I introduced yesterday in my post about what a fantastic weekend I'd had with various shoots etc.  He's a magnificat!

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Monday, 23 September 2013

Land-Girls, Planes, Ferrets and Hay Bales - Not Your Typical Weekend...

Sometimes you have such a great weekend that you want to be able to bottle it and then re-open it every now and then to remind yourself how great it was, and how thankful you are for days and opportunities like those.  It started on Friday when we went to do a land-girl photo shoot at a private air-strip in a stunning location.  Oh my it was fabulous!  A few friends of our host dropped by in their planes (landing in the garden as you do), and with the help of these magnificent men in their flying machines and two beautiful models we got the opportunity for some great shots.  Plus there was a cat living there called Clyde that I got to cuddle.  Wonderful day...

On Saturday we went to see friends of ours who wanted some pics of their three naughty baby ferrets.  Such fun and games!  They also have two cats who I've featured before (Elvis and Misty), and it was lovely to see everyone and catch up.  Then on the way home we finally saw a field of hay bales and a great sunset - so I did my 'STOP THE CAR!' thing and leaped out, camera in hand.  

So a big THANK YOU to all the people who made this such a great few days... It made me realise why I love being a photographer.

The location...

The land-girls...

The models - Lucy and Lizzie

The cat...
Clyde relaxes under his tree to watch the goings on in his garden

The gang...
It took a year of planning by David,
and the help of all these people to make the shoot happen.

The ferret...
The feet belong to our friend Nicole - the fab ferret is Freija.

The finale...
I have waited weeks to be in 
the right location at the right time
to get a shot like this.
I haven't got a shot of me doing my happy dance
so you'll just have to imagine it :-)

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sunday, 15 September 2013


Something Beautiful... (never heard of the song but good title).

Hints of Autumn...

Fiona Harrison

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Sunday, 8 September 2013


I want to break free...

Two mentally deranged cats pretending to be caged tigers :-)

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