Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Cats on Tuesday...

Apologies for not keeping the cats' fans supplied with information for a few weeks, the kitties have all hurled scorn and derision at me for this, as well as a few expletives from Charlie.

First of all, Ralph went to the Vet!  He was cruelly attacked by an interloper cat (we refer to him as Big Gus) who comes into the garden and throws his weight about.  He somehow managed to bite Ralph's paw and it was so sore and swollen he couldn't walk on it and was hobbling around on three legs.  He was taken to see Geraldine and Aga at the vets and pronounced a lovely boy, and so well-behaved.  Thankfully after a course of antibiotics and painkillers he was soon back to normal.

Here's Ralph showing off the swollen paw...

He soon got back into 'being a little bugger' mode...

... and keeping an eye out for Big Gus from the safety of the bench.

Charlie has been catching up (!) on his sleep.
Big Gus tried yelling at him in the garden, and of course
Charlie started yelling back and ran at him. 
At this point I intervened
and brought the Charl-ster inside in case things were just about
to turn into a scene that Quentin Tarantino
would be proud of.

Pepper has been busy with her modelling work of course...

But she's seemed a little out of sorts, her back legs
sometimes seem to hurt her and she's pulling her fur
out, so she's off to the Vet on Friday for a check-up.

And Mrs P?
She went for her six monthly check
at the Vet, and was pronounced to be doing really
well for her age.  She's about 19 but still
has the energy to get angry when 
stuffed into a cat carrier for some
upstart to then prod and poke at her.
It took a whole tin of 
tuna to mollify her.

For more kitty news visit Gattina's Cats on Tuesday.


Gattina said...

Poor Ralph ! My Arthur had been bitten so badly in his tail by another cat that he nearly lost it ! Was terrible ! My 16 year old Pookie has problems with jumping on a bed or sofa, but otherwise she is doing well. Your pictures are adorable !

Karen and Gerard said...

Sad for Ralph but glad he's feeling better. Great Mrs P is doing so well in her old age.

Deb said...

They are all lovely, Barb, and so are these photos. Deb

William Kendall said...

Poor Ralph!

They're all such lovely kitties, even when they're being little buggers.

Ida said...

Always a pleasure to see your fur babies. They are all just adorable. I'm so glad that Ralph is okay and that the attack wasn't worse. Wow Mrs. P is doing well for her age. I had a kitty that lived to be 1 month shy of turning 20.


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