Tuesday, 28 December 2010

ABC Wednesday - X

X is for... a poem called, surprisingly enough, X!  Appropriate for the season in that it mentions Christmas, it is also rather dark, but one of those poems that the more I read it, the more I love it.


December that year started out
all right though I knew
my heart could tear easily
as tinsel.

On King Street watching the legless
beggar on wheels I
counted my fortunes.

But what's the use of legs if you're
burdened with a mind
rushing headlong into dark
endings said the shadow

That night exorcising terror I
offered you love you
called me jailor

The season prematurely ended.

Up north Christmas trees
quietly retreated to the
dark forests and the
long awaited baby

never came.

(by Olive Senior)

Olive Senior was born in 1943 in Jamaica, she is a journalist, poet and writer of short stories.

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Roger Owen Green said...

The notion that it should all be sweetness and light this time of year I think is misguided. Lots of folks have great difficulty, ESPECIALLY at holidays.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

RuneE said...

Life can be dark, and December is dark.
And as the poem - it can be stark.

Jay said...

I agree with Roger - so many people have trouble around the festive season, that I think your poem is quite apposite! I like the line about the heart tearing as easily as tinsel.

Sylvia K said...

What a terrific poem, Barbara! I think this time of year can be as difficult for many as it is fun filled for others. And many people do indeed have lots of trouble during holidays. I do agree with Roger, Rune and Jay! My Christmas was wonderful this year because my oldest daughter who I hadn't seen in seven years surprised me with a wonderful Christmas visit. But like many others, I've had some very sad holidays, too. Great post for the X Day! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


photowannabe said...

Like all the others, Christmas can be difficult but I look to the New Year with hope and resolve.
My Christmas was really nice with most of our family being able to be together. there is always an empty spot for those who live too far away or have passed on.
Interesting poem.

Gattina said...

I can't find any relation between the poeme and the title! I am probably not enough intellectual, lol !

Barbara said...

I was thinking about that myself Gattina! Perhaps the X refers to the person the narrator offered love to, or perhaps X is the narrator, and it's written from the perspective of someone the writer knows has a hard time at Christmas but she doesn't want to name them. Or maybe it stands for Xmas! That's what I love about poetry, there are so many ways to interpret it... :O)


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