Monday, 4 April 2011

Monday Mewsings (and Musings)...

First the mews... I'll get it out of the way because David says I'm boring as I only ever talk about the cats.  Posky's test results came back showing normal levels of protein and creatinin in his urine which is very good news :O) He doesn't have to have any medication apart from his potassium supplement at the moment (as there is some problem with getting the tablets from the supplier right now he has to have a liquid, which he hates but is very good about taking).  I'm supposed to take both him and Mrs Pod to the vets first thing this morning for urine tests (and in Mrs P's case, a foolhardy vet wants to check her ears), but I had a very rough week with one thing and another, and then an even rougher weekend, plus a terrible night's sleep, so I really don't feel like wrestling with two reluctant cats.  Therefore Posky has a reprieve and it's just Mrs P to be man-handled into the cat basket.  I'll take Posky later in the week once my nerves have recovered, can't really vouch for the vet's though.

The last few weeks at work have been spent trying to sift through CVs and interview people for a new post.  You would not believe how difficult this has been.  We thought we'd found the right candidate only to have her tell us when she was offered the job that although she said she was completely flexible with regard to hours and days she could work, what she really meant was she was completely flexible but only if we gave her the exact hours and days she wanted, oh yes, and more money.  On Thursday we had a lady come in who obviously felt the job was beneath her and assumed immediately that she'd got it.  I can't really describe how unpleasant she was, so arrogant and unfriendly, and she wasn't even that good at it!  (I told my boss that if he hires her I am leaving).  Friday brought my ideal candidate, lovely lady, excellent skills (by this time I was ready to kiss her feet and beg her to stay), but my boss isn't sure... he wants us to interview someone else today.  At this point I and my colleagues just wanted to walk out en-masse and spend the afternoon in a dive drinking pina coladas... 

Yesterday I decided that I should get around to reading some of the books on my shelves that I've just not had time for yet, so I compiled a TBR list.
Cranford   Gaskell
Melmoth the Wanderer  Maturin
They Mystery of Edwin Drood  Dickens
The Aspern Papers  James
The Woodlanders  Hardy
To the Lighthouse  Woolf
Dark Matter  Michelle Paver
If on a Winter's Night a Traveller  Italo Calvino
Dissolution  Sansom
The Magnetic North  Sara Wheeler
The Sea, the Sea  Murdoch
The Master  Toibin
Wolf Hall  Mantell
Pale Fire  Nabokov
Reading after Theory  Valentine Cunningham

I've made a start and got though Pale Fire yesterday and also had a look at the Cunningham.  I can't really say I enjoyed the Nabokov enough to ever want to read it again, but I'm glad I made the effort.  It's certainly a very clever book, and the narrator is a wonderful creation; monstrous and funny, but I did have to skim some of his narrative as I just got bored with him.  He's supposed to be the editor of a poem called Pale Fire, but he's like no editor you've ever come across before. He's arrogant, obtrusive, opinionated, bitchy, and more interested in telling his own story than listening to another.  

Next I think it's Cranford for some nineteenth-century light relief (and no I've never seen the TV programme, I tried watching one of the Christmas specials once and after a few minutes felt I'd overdosed on a very sickly box of chocolates).

I shall now get ready for work, if I'm not back tomorrow morning I probably gave into the pina coladas and will have woken up in the park with a lampshade on my head and with no recollection of who I am or where I live!  Hurrah!


Anonymous said...

Go and poke David in the eye from me! You're NEVER boring and I don't think I'm speaking only for myself when I say I LOVE seeing and hearing about the cats. Good luck with Mrs P. and I'm glad old Posker's results were so good. What a sweetie, taking his medicine so nicely! Give him a snuggle from me!

Sorry you've had such a bad week! I wondered why you weren't posting... It was, however, interesting to hear about the applications and interviews from the other side of the fence. Poor Johnny and Jane have been knocked back so often. Johnny recently applied for a job that he was completely well qualified for and experienced in and didn't even get an interview! :o(

Interesting TBR list! Cranford is, of course, totally wonderful and a wise choice to chill out on. John and I both loved Dissolution (not boring at all, unlike your experience of Nabokov!) and John liked The Sea, The Sea (he keeps nagging me to read more Iris Murdoch!)

I hope this week will be much better for you and that the sweet lady gets the job, for your sake and hers!


Barbara said...

I had missed you, so I'm happy you're back but what a week you had! I remember the horrors of interviewing people for a job. The ones who have none of the skills necessary but assure you they learn fast are such a waste of time. One who applied for a job on the second floor in my last job was so fat she couldn't get up the stairs and couldn't type. She informed me she would be happy to take the job (which hadn't been offered) if we would just move the desk downstairs! I do hope your boss cooperates. :-)

Kea said...

Good luck with the fur kids. I have just the two boys now, but have spent a moderate fortune on vet bills in the past 2 years alone. Hope all goes well with the upcoming vet visits.

And good luck re: hiring someone at work! In our small department (just 5), we've all been together for 10+ years, no turnover. I guess that's a good thing. Though we're like a dysfunctional family now, I suppose. LOL.

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

glad the test results came out well...please keep us updated on the visits to the vet

Au and Target said...

Excellent cat news! And you can't be boring when you talk fur friends. Not ever.

Like the list. Loved Cranfield, hated the Woodlanders, have only read half the rest of the list and have noted the ones I haven't.

Where do you work??? A bookshop? Library?

BookPlease said...

sorry you've been having a tough time!

As for Cranford, I read it at school and thought it was boring. Just before the TV version was shown I read it again and liked it very much - funny how age changes you. I watched the TV version and didn't like it at all - too many changes from the book for my liking. And yes it was too, too sweet.

I loved Wolf Hall, Dissolution, To The Lighthouse and The Woodlanders. I read The Sea, The Sea when I was ill with a bad cold and found it hard going - but I do like Iris Murdoch's books - some are better than others.

Happy reading - hope it takes your mind off work problems. Love reading about your cats.

Barbara said...

Penny - David feels shame! I feel for Johnny and Jane, I've been there myself. At least we have notified everyone whether they're getting an interview or not. Am enjoying the little I've read of Cranford so far! Have you done the photo for the course yet? I did try it but the light was rubbish so am going to give it another go.
Barbara - LOL! We're up six flights of stairs so what you said rang a few bells :O)
Kea - As did what you said about dysfunctional families!!! My boss would be the Victorian father type, and my other boss the embarrassing Uncle who shows up at family parties :O)))
Caren - Thank you, will keep you informed.
Au and Target - the cats agree with you, especially Pepper. Oh if only I did work in a bookshop or library, sigh. I work in an office - the books are from my own study. Some are leftovers from my BA and MA that I just didn't get time to read when I was studying.


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