Monday, 17 January 2011

Meet me on Monday...

Crikey, how can it be Monday again so soon?  Although this week there is the release of Jo Nesbo's lastest Harry Hole book to look forward to... I have my Christmas book tokens ready and clutched in my hot little hand and can't wait to start reading it.  Anyway, I digress (yet again).  I decided to join in with Java's Meet me on Monday meme.  Each Monday she poses five questions for people to post and answer on their blogs, so here goes (and for once the photos aren't mine):

1.  Do you like your ice-cream in a dish or cone?
I've never been a big fan of ice-cream, I'd rather have a starter than a dessert in a restaurant, and if I had anything similar at home it would probably be Swedish Glace, chocolate flavoured, served in a dish (although I'd rather have chocolate soya dessert poured over fresh fruit salad), mmmmmm :O)

2.  Do you read the newspaper daily?
No, one reason is I just don't get time, the other is I'd read The Guardian or The Times, and they're far too expensive to buy every day.  I tend to use the internet for news, usually the BBC.

3.  Marinara or meat sauce?
Well I don't eat meat so I'd have to say marina.  My favourite sauce for pasta however is just a teaspoon or two of a pesto type - I just love it.  Couldn't find a picture of vegan pesto sauce so here's some Sacla instead.

4.  Last time you cried?
Not sure, but not long ago, probably a few weeks back and probably something to do with pmt!  I did have a lump in my throat at some parts of Battlestar Galactica which we've been watching on DVD...  Some films make me cry, I was an emotional wreck after watching Silent Running, in fact just the thought of the ending has brought a tear to my eye, sniff sniff... I cry quite easily, but not as easily as my half-sister, who has been known to blub at adverts on the tv (yes, really).  

5.  What word/phrase do you find really annoying?
When weather forecasters say 'precipitation' instead of 'rain', even the Met Office use it on their website.  When did that start?  Teeth-grating stuff.  Also when people (including some U.S. presidents) say 'nucular' instead of 'nuclear'.  My least favourite word though has to be when people describe their husbands as 'hubby', it makes me want to scream.  David would never refer to me as 'wifey', or if he did the men in white coats would be carting him off as I'd know he'd finally flipped.  (Misplaced apostrophes also drive me up the wall but I don't think they count as a word/phrase!).


Link up with more Meet me on Mondays at Java's Never Growing Old.


Rumtruffle said...

Just saying 'Hi' whilst hopping on by.
Please pop by and say 'Hi' too.
Helen x

jabblog said...

I agree with you about 'hubby' - I don't like 'hubs' or 'hubster' either! Mispronunciations are also irritating and misplaced apostrophes and using 'of' as a verb - and I'd better stop before I go into full rant mode ;-)

Laloofah said...

My hubby say's his days ruined when its precipitating because it's whole vibe just makes him go nucular.

Argh, that IS annoying! LOL I never refer to my husband as "my hubby/hubs/the hubster" either (except to make a lame joke). ;-) And the misuse of apostrophes is one of my biggest pet peeves too. As is (mis)using the word "utilize" instead of "use."

I enjoyed reading your answers. And yum... vegan pesto! That even sounds good to me at 7:30 in the morning!

Rural View said...

I'm currently ranting at the use of "troop" to mean one soldier. This is becoming all too common in the U.S. and it drives me crazy.

The Desert Rocks said...

Isn't regular pesto already vegan? The ingredients in standard pesto are usually, olive oil, basil, garlic and pine-nuts.
Anyway, I enjoyed your blog, and will attempt to follow you for some of your future posts.

pinkim said...

Hi, I like the look of your blog, i hope you decide to stop by and follow back...

I am Pinkim from TrulySimplyPink

Bree said...

Found your blog through Java's. Love the font you use. May I ask where did you find it?

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

I never used to read the paper but my husband got me started and now I read it every day but Sunday.

Stopping by from MMOM. Here's our link if you get a chance to visit:

kalea_kane said...

I love pesto. I haven't had it in ages though. My son and husband aren't huge fans. I used to wig over mispronunciation until I married. My husband mispronounces documentary to my ears but it is the product of his regional dialect. I do not describe my husband as hubby. I describe him as the hot and awesome man he is. I have been known to write hubby though on my blog. Ah well.

I took some time to explore your blog and loved the pictures of your cats. I just love cats.

Have a wonderful day!

Yvonne said...

Great answers! Thanks for stopping by.

Au and Target said...

Interesting meme! With desert rocks on the vegan pesto q.

Debra said...

Hi Barbara,
Words, words, words - my passion!
Meet your newest follower.
Hope you'll swing by and visit me too.
Company is always welcome:)

Barbara said...

Thanks for the comments - will try and stop by everyone's blog this week at some point.
- The Desert Rocks: Pesto normally has parmesan in it :O)
- Bree: The font is Reenie Beanie and I got it via Draft Blogger. If you follow this link it will tell you about it, then click where it says Draft Blogger and all will be revealed!

A Gracious Home said...

I love pesto sauce also. It's great to use on pizzas. You have a lovely blog. Doylene

BookPlease said...

Love pesto and ice cream - either way!
Can't stand 'hubby'.
Cried when Lucy (our cat) died last week - still feeling weepy.

A Little of This and a Little of That said...

I'm a new follower from the Meet Me On Monday Blog Hop. If you get a minute, please stop by and read my answers and follow back.

Have a super week,


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