Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Daily Shoot

I've only just discovered The Daily Shoot, a Flickr group with over 1,000 members that gives you a photographic assignment every day. You take your photo, post it to the group, then Tweet a link to it (Tweeting is a whole new thing for me, I still don't have a very clear idea of what I'm doing or why).  I have a slight problem because of the time zone difference in that my day starts a whole lot earlier than the setters of the challenge, so there will be days when I'm not able to do it.  Anyway, I've done three of the assignments so far this year, including yesterday's (which is still today on the Flickr site!) which I took by accident.  I was actually trying to get a picture of oil on water yesterday morning (don't ask, BIG fail) and got frustrated with it so took a picture of Charlie and also of my cheese grater.  By chance the assignment was making something mundane and ordinary look interesting, so step forward the grater.  I thought it would have been insulting to cast Charlie in that role, so I used him for something else.  

And talking of yesterday... did anyone else have a weird day?  Our drains got blocked, I threw my phone onto the floor by accident then couldn't get the back to stay on it, then took it to The Carphone Warehouse where a bloke who now thinks I'm an idiot put it back on with no problem whatsoever.  Then at lunchtime I went to get some hay cakes for Ben from Wilkos and actually came out with no hay cakes but a black Christmas tree complete with lights and decorations for £5.  Then I made an appointment at the Vet for Mrs P for today as she has ear mites which I've been trying to get rid of for two weeks without success.  I came home from work, the mites have gone and the ears look fine.  Weird day...  Anyway, I digress, here are my Daily Shoot shots (eh?) so far this year.  If you're lacking in inspiration and need a challenge, have a go!

 Rule of Thirds... (This tree reminds me an Ent from Lord of the Rings)
I've posted this before but it fit so well with the assignment of the day I took
it that I used it for that.

Diagonal leading the eye into the picture (Charlie Big Foot here does the honours!)

A mundane and ordinary object made to look interesting
(those marks aren't mouldy cheese, they're where the veg
I grate up for Ben have marked the metal.  Those brussel sprouts are tough)


BookPlease said...

Yesterday was fine for me ... well, more than fine as my Kindle arrived! Hope today is better for you.

That tree is amazing!

If I have time I'll check out Daily Shoot - it sounds interesting.

Firstblood said...

cool! Do you have a link to this daily photo thing?

Caren Gittleman said...

yesterday was fine for me too, other than I am beyond annoyed at having my retired husband home EVERY SINGLE DAY WITH can't anything done that I need to get done!

Love your photos (as always!) That tree also reminds me of the apple throwing trees from the Wizard Of Oz...and of course I love Charlie!

Mum said...

All your photos are good so can't choose a favourite - but don't tell Charlie that!!

Barbara said...

Firstblood - if you go to the first line of my post where it says The Daily Shoot and click on that, it should take you direct to the Flickr page. Have fun!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We LOVE the "Charlie Big Foot" pic best of all!!!!!


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