Saturday, 8 October 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday...

Is it Sunday yet?  It's been, how shall I put it, a bit of a week. Six weeks ago David suddenly developed a very large cyst on his lip and got an appointment to have it  removed last Monday.  He went to the hospital only for them to cancel the op as the surgeon wasn't there; David was not a happy bunny about this.  He's now got to walk around with this thing the size of a small planet (ok a walnut) on his face until the 17th October.  Then I did something to my back/hip (sciatica?) which means I seize up if I sit still for any length of time.  Then someone bit Posky and he developed an abscess on his tail (I'm assuming it was another cat and not David in a moment of vexation), and then yesterday someone rear-ended us when we were out in the car.  The impact cracked some welding under the boot but the car is still drivable and at least neither David or myself suffered any damage.  If it weren't for the lack of photographic opportunities in such a plan I'd be tempted to spend the rest of the holiday in bed with a case of red wine, some chocolate, and a large pile of books.  Anyway... onwards and upwards (with difficulty due to dodgy back).

Trees, fence and mist
I have never been very pleased with any of my 
landscape shots - I just
find them very, very difficult
 (if you want to see how a good landscape photographer
does it have a look at this Flickr page).
There's always something not quite right with mine...

Face Down Tuesday
See what I mean?
In case you're wondering if I made
David do this to disguise his lip - it was
actually taken for the Face Down Tuesday group on Flickr :O)

Almost forgot...
Months ago, The Shakespeare Hospice in Stratford upon Avon
asked me if they could use my shot of Stratford in the snow
as a Christmas card this year.  The cards arrived this week!
They're 8" x 5 1/2" and beautifully printed, and
it was so exciting to see them (they have
my name on the back too) :O)
I am so thrilled that a hobby that gives me
so much pleasure can be used for such a good cause.

Twiggy Pumpkin 3
Black and white...
My twiggy pumpkin plus leaf and pinecone.
This is a straight out of camera shot -
I took it in mono with a sepia tint.
I also used exposure compensation (+1)
to give it that light, bright look.

Lilly in sunlight b&w
and for a completely different b&w,
a lily in sunlight.

Autumn Leaf
The Colour Wheel - Complementary/Triadic Colour...
Saw this multi-coloured leaf in Market Bosworth yesterday
and thought it deserved a photo all to itself.

Tomatoes (or 'love apples' as they
used to be called)

and for those not on a diet, or those who have also had a rough week...
(it's toffee cake by the way, very nice too)

Blank space...
Was a bit baffled by this until I hung my new Halloween decoration up.
These are the bells on my bats!

Bats hanging around
...and for those who will explode with curiosity
if they don't find out what the rest of the decoration looks like,
here it is :O)


Christopher said...


This is just gorgeous photography! I particularly love your Stratford winter scene, and the two black-and-whites; but the tomatoes and bells photographs are simply brilliant too. Oh heck, I love 'em all! Superb compositions, and your processing just couldn't be better. Well done, and thanks heaps for sharing! Cheers! Chris

Christopher said...

P.S. I hope your back gets better soon too. I have sciatica myself, and it is hugely debilitating (and painful) at times. C

The Desert Rocks said...

Exactly as I remember Stratford upon Avon. Beautiful and cold. Great photos. Especially the tomatoes.

leavesnbloom said...

Having the odd flare up of sciatica - I feel your pain so to speak! You've sure had a rough few days - but your photos for the hunt are wonderful. That face down one made me laugh.

I admired that snow scene along time ago when you first posted it on the blog - I'm sure it was lovely to actually see it in print.

hannah said...

Still trying to puzzle out which Stratford we are talking about here :-)
Although I reckon the toffee cake gives it away.
Your photos belie your week of misery. Very funny. And well done on the snowscene card.

gotmycamera said...

Hope this next week is a better week for the two of you...but wow you sure managed to take some simply wonderful photos for the hunt. These are truly beautiful.

Tamar SB said...

These are all amazing!!! Love the tomotoes and the snowy landscape - amazing shots!

Cottage Sisters said...

Amazing shots! Your Stratford upon Avon picture makes me want to visit there, it is so gorgeous. I hope your week gets better.

Kamana said...

such a great series here!

Barbara said...

Congratulations on the Christmas card of your picture. Perfect choice they made. Oh my gosh, it's the body of a one-legged man (Face Down). Call the police quick! I don't dare show Dave the shot of tomatoes; he'd try to eat the computer screen. :)

We're having a glorious weekend, warm and sunny. The cats have been sunbathing on the stone wall and scowling at me for making so much noise mowing.

Kathy said...

Barbara, I am sooooo glad I follow your blog. For a couple of reasons. First and foremost your fabulous photos, creativity, and minds eye! But secondly, you always crack me up with your commentary! Where to even begin with your photos??!!?? I love the photo of David face down in the landscape! haha. (Sorry about the planet on his lip!). Congrats on having a photo published on a greeting exciting! And I absolutely LOVE your b/w's and your first blank space shot. Brilliant! A wonderful collection this week, you did not disappoint.


P.S. I hope your sciatica is feeling better

SarahinSC said...

I'm sorry it's been a rough week! Hopefully next week will be better. I would like a piece of that yummy toffee cake!

Tezzie said...

First off...I'm sorry you've had such a terrible week!!! Wow...I think you've used up a year's worth of bad luck, so it should be a wonderful year ahead ;)

Secondly...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! What do you mean you have trouble with landscapes?! Those are all gorgeous, and people wanna turn 'em into Christmas Cards, for cryin' out loud! ;) Plus...that second actually made me guffaw out loud. Not easy to do!

I love all of your hunted stunning shot after another. Your b/w lilies took my breath away...SO beautiful! The tomato shot is wonderful...and that cake looks divine. Great job!

Andrea Dawn said...

What a great set of photos here. I would have to disagree with you about your landscapes, they are beautiful! Face-down man and all. My favourite is the tomatoes, oh my, they look so delicious and nutritious.

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

I think your photos are wonderful. Love the picture of the tomatoes. Makes me want a BLT.
Love the black and whites!

I hope your sciatica is better now.

Congratulations on the cards.

Valeria said...

Wow, those are wonderful. I love the brightness and composition on them. Those tomatoes I can almost taste it.
Hope you get better soon.

Ashley Sisk said...

Gorgeous work - what a stunning set. I love every shot!

Stasha said...

These are stunning. Congratulations on your work being printed as a card!

Hope you feel better soon.


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