Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Our World Tuesday - Late!

Yes, yes I know it's Wednesday, but better late than never.  Photos from two locations this week, the first from Stratford where I headed off to on Saturday and witnessed that strange English tradition that is Morris Dancing, plus a Green Man.  I love enthusiasts and eccentrics :O)

Morris Dancers

Morris Dancers

Green Man

And these are some images form Foxton Locks - a reminder of Britain's 19th Century industrial heritage.  It's a staircase lock flight (10 locks in total) on the Grand Union Canal that raises boats a total of 75 feet, and is the largest such flight on the English canal system.

Foxton Locks

Foxton Locks

Foxton Locks

For more participants visit Our World Tuesday.


Riet said...

What a lovely blog. I love those old english customs, I love England, was there 3 months ago. Love your photo's too.

snowwhite said...

Hello Barbara,
Interesting story and great photos! I wonder if it is possible that women can dance Morris Dancing. This tradition is a kind of thing which I must see if I have a chance to travel your country.
Best wishes,

ladyfi said...

Wonderful shots! I do like the tradition of Morris Dancing and was lucky enough to see some in action this May when I went home.

That Green Man is fabulous!

Barbara said...

A resounding yes to can women take part in morris dancing! There are one or two in the top photo.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Beautiful images, a lovely snapshot of your country.

Barbara said...

I enjoyed these pictures. I noticed the green man is married. I wonder what his wife looks like? Locks fascinate me. I've seen many here and in Canada. Such a simple process and yet it always grabs my attention. What's even more fun is to be in a boat going through a lock.

Laloofah said...

I'd love to see Morris Dancing sometime. The photos of the locks are interesting (the only lock I've ever seen in person was in the UK, and it swung open like a gate - we happened upon it during a stroll and got to watch a sailboat sail through it!), and in the case of the last two, quite beautiful. I'm a sucker for bridges and tunnels. :-)

But it's the Green Man I love best! Like Barbara II, I too noticed his wedding band and wondered what his wife looks like! Is she a wood nymph? Mother Nature? A Green Goddess? Or maybe she's a pragmatic chartered accountant who thinks her husband is out of his gourd. But I prefer the Wood Nymph scenario. :-)


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