Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Cats on Tuesday...

The unseasonable heatwave we've had for the last seven days is now officially at an end thank goodness.  It's made cats and humans bad tempered and lethargic and it's been stressful enough here without that thank you very much.  Someone was so bad tempered that they bit Posky's tail and gave him an abscess which I discovered last night and which then had to be cleaned etc.  All things considered he was very good about it!  What he's not been very good about is eating his renal food...  

Mrs Pod has started yowling again for no fathomable reason. She did however purr like mad when I did a try-out of her Halloween costume on her, which is something.  At least it should make the planned Halloween shoot less of a bloodbath than I was anticipating.

I am now on holiday from work for a fortnight so hope to be out and about with my camera (and look out for the publication of the next installment of 'Drama in the Garden!' coming to a blog near you!).

Meanwhile... I was practicing taking some high noise black and white portraits and Mrs P agreed to be my victim.  'High Noise' (never has a description been more apt for a cat) is when you set a high ISO speed on your camera and it gives a grainy effect, it can be quite effective in the right circumstances.  I shot these in  black and white and they're straight out of camera.  Anyway here she is :O)

Mrs Pod in b&w

Mrs Pod in b&w

Mrs Pod in b&w

Mrs Pod in b&w

Mrs Pod in b&w

Mrs Pod in b&w

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Gattina said...

My cats were OK with this wonderful summer weather but I felt up side down. I was already prepared for fall and winter in my mind and this sudden heat disturbed me ! Yes, today it's finished. I learned that male cats bite each other in the tail, when Arthur almost lost his !
He had been bitten so badly that the tail broke into two ! He nearly lost a half. It was terrible. Fortunately the vet could put it together again, and Arthur kept his tail, but he cant bent it and can't "wear" it straight up, it's always hanging a little towards his back. But at least he is not tailless !

Cezar and Léia said...

I'm very happy here enjoying this warm Autumn with beautiful sunny days.But I think the weather will change for the next days... :(
I'm delighted for this set of close ups, amazing and charming whiskers!Ms P is a perfect model!
Luna - WE LOVE LUNA and hugs from mammy Léia

Barbara said...

Mrs. P. (or should I say the "victim") looks like this was a pretty easy job. The photos are truly unique. I wonder who was cruel enough to bite Posky's tail. Hope it heals right. Looking forward to more drama in the garden, but meanwhile have a great holiday.

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

These are wonderful pictures! I love the whiskers.

Jackie said...

So Mrs P. which side do you think is your best side? I like your profile, very pretty puss.
Poor Posky, abscesses on tails are very painful, Jet has been bitten twice and had to have veterinary treatment, the last time made him quite ill, it was a mean ginger feral cat that bit him. We hope Posky is feeling better soon.

Photo Cache said...

Mama said thanks for the photography lesson.

Emma and Buster

Barbara said...

Thanks for the comments - Posky's tail seems fine now. But poor Arthur and Jet!


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