Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Cats on Tuesday...

An action packed week for the cats!  On Friday Posky went for his Posky-puncture with Linda in Market Bosworth.  However I am sorry to report he was not his normal well-behaved self.  He refused to settle down and sit still and at one point shook himself so two of the acupuncture needles flew around the room (he could have had someone's eye out!).  He still got a reward when he got home, although no one is quite sure why.  

Then it was Mrs Pod's turn - I've been having to clean her ear every day over the last week as she had a lot of wax in it (sorry for the excess of info there) so took her to see her vet Aga yesterday to get her checked out.  It was a good job I did as she seems to have an underlying infection again and had to have an antibiotic jab.  She was pretty well behaved considering her hatred of vets, especially vets who try and look in her ears.  Well okay, she stunk the car out on the way home as some kind of dirty protest but that was really quite mild for her.

As for Pepper and Charlie... Pepper has been very disappointed with the food I bought her even though it said 'Luxury' on it (obviously the wrong kind of 'Luxury'), and Charlie seems to have put on more weight and we are convinced is going to get stuck coming through the cat flap one day.  He is also wearing a cream bow on his collar, again it's one of those mysteries that only cats seem to understand.

Mrs Pod and her toys #3
Mrs P dreams of culling vets...

Pepper 26/366
Pepper meanwhile wants to cull incompetent owners
 who buy her inferior food...

Eeny Meeny Miney Mo, scratch the foot or bite the toe?
Charlie ponders
the wisdom of attacking the feet,
that support the hand that feeds him...

...and Posky does his 
'But I'm beautiful so I can get away with anything' look

For more kitties visit Gattina's Cats on Tuesday.


Cindy F. Adkins said...

OMC, we didn't know kitties get acupuncture, too! Beautiful pictures of everyone. We hope Mrs P's ears get better soon! Purrs from Buster, Rudy, Sam and hugs from Mom Cindy

Barbara said...

Thanks Cindy - yes Posky has acupuncture for his arthritis!

Au and Target said...

Poor Posky and poor mrs Pod - we're purring for them both. We don't' like Luxury food either or anything called Gourmet. Weird but that's the way we are.

Kjelle Bus said...

Puh , what a week !
Me and mom didn´t know eitehr that you could do acupuncture on cat´s.
You learn something new everyday :)
Hope the needles will work for Posky´s arthritis and that Mrs Pod ´s ears will be OK again with the medicine !
Me neither eat any food called luxury or gourmet !!

Laloofah said...

Poor Mrs. P and Posky! Vet visits are no fun, for people or their waxy-eared and pincushion cat children!

And poor Pepper too (not a good week for cats whose names start with P, apparently!) - having to deal with inferior luxury food. (Honestly? "Luxury" food? ROTFL!) But maybe you're interpreting her response incorrectly. Maybe, as a disciple of The Buddha, she is longing for simpler, humbler fare!

I assume that Charles came to the sensible decision regarding any foot attacks.

jabblog said...

Dear me - the 'they'll eat if they're hungry enough' approach just doesn't work with cats, does it? Poor Mrs P - hope the infection clears quickly.


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