Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Cats on Tuesday...

Time for the cats to take centre stage yet again (when don't they?!?).  They've been pretty good this week, Posky and Charlie joined forces to see off an interloper cat who had the nerve to sit on their shed roof with its eyes closed. That little tortoiseshell cat who Pepper had the staring match with the other week also visited again and Pepper nearly turned herself inside out with rage when she saw its tail disappearing around the corner.  Mrs P is sharpening her claws ready for her ear check up at the vets tomorrow, and Posky had his acupuncture last night and was so relaxed afterwards that this is what he looked like.  

Excuse the poor quality (of the photo, not Posky!),
I had to take it on my phone...

He didn't even make it to his cushion, just collapsed in a hairy heap in the hall (note excellent alliteration there, I should change my job and become a headline writer for a tabloid newspaper).  Another moment of note was that  Mrs P allowed Charlie to sit on the same small sofa as her in the study (my, the alliterative skills are on fire today...), which did of course mean that I had nowhere to sit, but what's new?  She did show him the warning paw to let him know that she could smack him around the head at any moment, so even Charlie knew not to try any of his 'skills of violence' with her.

 '...and it you put one hair on my quilt, this is what you get'.

The most newsworthy item however, has to be that Charlie was seen playing with a toy (a woolly catnip toy to be precise)!!!  He so seldom plays with anything (apart from human flesh) that we all stood there and gaped like gaping things.  Of course as soon as he knew he'd been spotted he immediately stopped and said he'd 'only been using it to rest his head on'. Ha!

'play, play, play...'

'Whoops! Spotted!
What do you mean, was I playing?
 I was merely testing the benefits
of using knitted hand-grenades...'

And before the cats notice that I've slipped something in that isn't about them, can I just say I saw two things I really liked the look of this week.  One is a recipe using a pumpkin which made me want it to be Autumn RIGHT NOW (it's a Nigella recipe.  David hyperventilates at the thought of Nigella so I won't post a pic of her, merely her pumpkin) :O) (I definitely have a future as a tabloid writer)...

Can this even be legal?
I want!

The other thing is a Bathroom Angel (to make) that I saw in a Tilda book.  Pepper likes the look of it too (mainly, I would imagine,  because she wants to pull off its wings and wear them herself).

Would you look at that?
How sickeningly cute is it?

... and this is the look I got from Mrs P
when she found out I'd hijacked their weekly post.
I feel shame...

Visit Gattina's Cats on Tuesday for more uninterrupted kitties...


Cezar and Léia said...

Bonjour sweet Barbara and dear friends,
Oh I love that angel "bathroom decoration", it's cute! and I'm delighted by your stories and pictures, you are all really photogenic!
Thanks for sharing,
purrs, love and a nice Tuesday
Luna - WE LOVE LUNA and big hugs from my mommy Léia

Kjelle Bus said...

One fluffy belly you get Psoky !!!

Just love the way Mrs P is holding up her paw to show what will happen if poor Charlie as much as loose one litle hairstraw on her quilt *mol*

Of course you wern´t playing with that "thing" Charlie !!! As you say = you where just using it like a pillow and pillows must be fluffed before you put your head down !!!

Typical 2-legged to hijack your blog !
My mom do it ALL the time too :(

Happy tuesday !!!

Au and Target said...

I love the way their fur separates when they lie down. Such a sign of good health!

jabblog said...

Your cats are always so entertaining:-)

The pumpkin pie looks most appetising. Somehow I know mine would never look like that;-/

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

I love that bathroom angel ~ I'd buy one if it was for sale! (I'm not good at sewing). And the expression in the last pic from Mrs P says it all! LOL!

BTW are you on FB?

Jan (Milo and Alfie's mom)

Fuzzy Tales said...

Mrs. P, that's quite the look. Annie was fond of giving looks like that, and we can imagine you'll be sporting a similar expression tomorrow, as you head off to the v-e-t for your ear check. Good luck with that!

Charlie, there's now photographic evidence that you are quite capable of playing, so deny it you might, but an honest mancat would own up to it.

Posky, if that's what happens after acupuncture, our mom needs to have that done. Seriously.

The mom LOVES pumpkin...What is the stuffing?

And that angel is sweet, though yes, the wings would be tempting. Very tempting.

Barbara said...

Your alliteration is superb, but don't go to work for a Rupert Murdoch publication! Hope Mrs. P doesn't scare everyone too badly at the vet's today. I'm now convinced I should try acupuncture. :)

Irishcoda said...

Wow, that acupuncture is amazing, lol. Posky looks super relaxed! Got a kick out of your alliteration skills. And the closing shot of Mrs. P...what a look!

Gattina said...

Hehehe ! what would we do without cats ??? we would have such a booooooring life !

Kea said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Photo Cache said...

you just can't get anything past these furry ones can you? oh i have to google that nigella pumpkin recipe too.

emma and buster

Laloofah said...

This post is a riot! And you get bonus points for the extra fabulous, "hairy heap in the hall" and "gaped like gaping things" lines. LOL!

Love Mrs. P's warning paw, Charlie getting busted playing with a catnip toy, the adorable bathroom angel, and Mrs. P's intimidating stink-eye! And, of course, your brilliantly hilarious narrative accompanying all of it!

But what is this about Pepper's apoplexy of rage over the tortoiseshell visitor? Where is her metta toward her fellow feline? She needs to go discuss this with the Buddha. :-)

Daisy said...

The marking on Charlie's side looks like a broken heart or angel's wings!

Barbara said...

I'd never noticed that before Daisy! It's hard to imagine Charlie being angelic (Pepper says he's the devil in disguise!).


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