Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Cats on Tuesday...

It's been quite a busy week in the world of cat...

Charlie, (for it was he),
 did this...

... to David. 
(it was some kind of disagreement
about appropriate behaviour involving 
a valerian teabag).

Charlie also finally managed to grab Pepper's birthday blanket when no-one was looking.  Talking of Pepper... I planted out some catnip seedlings in a pot, and in doing so, turned my back for a second.  In the blink of an eye Pepper had swooped in and dragged one of the unfortunate seedlings from the pot.  It was quickly rescued and Pepper went to meditate on her lack of self control over by the lavender.

Pepper and the lavender

Mrs Pod on the other hand, had quite a good week.  First she posed very nicely with a catnip toy I made for her...

Mrs Pod and the catnip
Note the skillful paw action...

...and then, she watched me move our garden bench over by the Japanese Maples, and immediately took possession of it (strangely it only became an object of extreme interest to the cats once it was in its new location, even though they've seen it every day for years).  She also batted Charlie on the head when he got too near.  Result!

Mrs Pod
It's mine, all mine I tell you!!

Posky had a bit of a mixed week.  His arthritis has been playing up and for various reasons his acupuncture sessions were disrupted so he was feeling a little sorry for himself... 


... however as he and I took a trip to Linda 'the vet with the needles', at Market Bosworth last night (yes that Bosworth, where Richard III lost his horse amongst quite a lot of other things, and, come to think of it could  probably have benefited from a few sessions of acupuncture himself...), he did get to hear Linda say what a beautiful natured cat he was. (How long was that sentence?  Any more digressions and it could have come from a Henry James novel... if he'd written one about cats and Richard III that is... come to think of it, why didn't he?)

He also had the honour of being allowed to sit on the bench with Mrs P,
 much to Charlie's vexation.
(And a special note for Penny of the wonderful
you can see their relative sizes better here, 
i.e. both big!)
I must apologise for the state of the un-strimmed edges of the lawn,
well actually David should apologise (for it was he...).
He did do it in the end :O)

And finally...  I wouldn't normally post a photo like the next one, it is in all ways just not good.  However, it's one of the rare occasions when all the cats can be seen together - a rarity!  Seeing them like this for some reason made me think of that Japanese Zen Garden where you can supposedly only see all the boulders in it at once when you've become enlightened (or in this case driven out of your wits).

  Note Charlie, aka 'Billy no-mates', 
sitting by himself in the rubbish corner
(the bit of the garden we still don't talk about).

For more kitty news visit Gattina's Cat's on Tuesday.


Au and Target said...

Cat snoopervising is what makes life interesting :-)

Karen and Gerard said...

Nice post, I really enjoyed your pictures and commentary about your cats! They are adorable! Sometimes, location is key to cats using something. My cats never bothered with the round black cat bed until I put it on top of my dresser by the window. Now they use it, well, at least Spunky Doodle does.

Cezar and Léia said...

oh gosh, poor David, but I think it was only an accident!
Dear Barbara, you are so talented, these pictures are outstanding, perfect post and I enjoy a lot your story!
purrs to you all

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful cats! Poor Charlie :( I think all households with multiple cats have one that likes to be on their own :) Or maybe just makes it out like they have no mates ;)

The Chair Speaks said...

What an interesting week you all had. We love Mrs P obnoxious look and the last picture where all the cats are in.

Laloofah said...

What an entertaining post! But then, they all are. This one just was especially, particularly extra fun! :-) Except for David's bandaged wound, received in the fierce Valerian Battle...

Isn't it funny how something old, boring and ignored suddenly becomes a fascinating object of covetousness once it's been relocated?

Your commentary, even your run-on sentence (maybe especially your run-on sentence!) is always so witty! I love it!

That last photo of your Feline Gang, with Charlie off by himself in the rubbish corner, reminds me of a family story oft told about Becky, the daughter of my grandmother's best friend. Becky was very naughty, always getting into mischief and therefore often being made to sit in the corner and face the wall as punishment. On one of these occasions, after being plunked down in "the bad girl chair," Becky disdainfully, defiantly said over her shoulder to her departing mother, "I don't care, it gives me time to think!" :-) I can imagine Charlie saying the same thing, only in his case it would be time to plot and scheme.

jabblog said...

Cats rule! and why not? Great photos and amusing narrative, particularly the Henry Jamesesque part;-)

Kjelle Bus said...

What an interesting week you all have had in there own way or how you say it in english ??!!
The last photo with all the cat´s on you must frame in , it must be worth moore than a Rembrandt :)
Have a PAWsome tuesday !!!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Wel we think Charlie is adorable ~ an we are his mates! We love the pics and the updates ~ and :sniggered; at the wound that Charlie inflicted! Was it after he was called "Billy no mates"?

Milo and Alfie xx

Gattina said...

and Charlie looks like an angel on this picture ! It must be a lie about the thumb !
Such a nice cat report and the cherry on the cake is the last picture ! I too have difficulties to get them all on one picture. When they are all sitting on the grass I would need a panorama picture !

Photo Cache said...

the cats have a wonderful place to relax. we hope we could go outdoors too. once mama put up a higher fence, we'll probably get out too.

emma and buster

Barbara said...

I never would have thought I would read a sentence that included cats and Richard III, but it was fun. I enjoy your cat stories so much.

Unfortunately I think all five of our cats are going to the shelter as soon as I can round them up into a box or something. It's a case of COPD vs animals. My lungs simply won't take having animals around all the time. They are still a little skittish but soon they'll be hopefully going to new homes. I'll just love your cats from a distance. How's that?

Anonymous said...

Tough to get catnip to grow!
It took me a few trials, but I now have a strong plant and the cats of the neighbourhood are sometimes seen in my garden for a little sniff. I cut loads of it the other day and Tantrum had an orgy; I should put up the picture actually.

Barbara said...

Laloofah: Love that story :O) Barbara: How sad :O( I hope it's a no-kill shelter that they'll be going to... Em: I'll let you know what happens with the seedlings! Am looking forward to the catnip orgy pics! :O)

meowmeowmans said...

Thank you so much for visiting our blog yesterday. :)

Your photos are lovely, and we really enjoyed your narrative, too! We'll be back, for sure (I'm your newest follower).

Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful cat photos! I really see no point in my even thinking of entering the CPL Photo Contest with such competition!

They all look gorgeous and, as always, your writing hits my funny bone right on target!

Poor David! Is it really sore or is it a 'man injury'?

Good to see bits of your nice garden! And thank you so much for the kind plug! :o)


Barbara said...

Penny - don't undervalue yourself, get those photos posted! David's finger was sore for at least an hour, so it was probably the finger equivalent of man-flu ;O) Any niceness in my garden is down to the skills of the previous owner of the house, and Paul the gardener who comes in once a year to rescue it from whatever I've done to it the rest of the time!

♥♥ Liz ♥♥ said...

Great cat picks and like the other Barbara I'll admire them from afar. As for David....tell him he should know better than to try and separate one of his cats from a Valerian teabag!!


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