Thursday, 23 June 2011

Thursday Challenge - Wooden

David's Aunt bought me this lovely little wooden cat years ago, 
he's kept me company by sitting on my bookshelves
at various addresses since then.

...and just for Penny!
A wide-angle view of the bookshelf, full size so you can zoom in! :O)

...and finally, apropos nothing, here's Charlie.
Every now and then I like to
post a photo of Charlie showing what a strange and unusual cat he is.
Here he is fixated on a wrinkle in the bathroom rug.  He seems to 
became strangely perturbed by wrinkles in rugs, perhaps he was
frightened by an untidy carpet as a kitten.  It's all very odd.

The cats would just like to say Happy Birthday David, and Charlie adds that next time you have chocolate eclair cream cakes you might want to consider sharing them with him, or else.

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svh2 said...

What a lovely present!

I was just feeling thrilled to see a nice close-up of your poetry shelves when I saw, underneath, that it was specially for me, so now I'm even more thrilled! I SO want to visit you and browse (and chat and stroke kits, too, of course!)

I treated myself to a nice cheap copy of The Golden Treasury recently. It was one of the very few books my mother had on her hidden-away bookcase, when I was growing up. (Books are different shapes and sizes, so are untidy!) Anyway, I used to love browsing in it, but when my (facsimile) copy arrived, it was TINY! I may need even stronger reading glasses!

Charlie is gorgeous and is obviously a very deep thinker. 'Why is that rug wrinkled?' 'I like the pleasing alliteration in that question!' 'Is there a mouse under it?' 'Has there BEEN a mouse under it???' I like that in a cat!

jabblog said...

Happy Birthday, David! Eclairs are for people, not cats, despite what they say.
I like your wooden cat and it was so nice to be able to nose through your books;-)

svh2 said...

Oh, yes! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVID! Hope you have a great day!

Laloofah said...

Happy Birthday to David!

That happy little wooden cat with the letter B, is that perfect for you or what?! I love it! So are the rest of us allowed to zoom in on your bookshelves, or just Penny? Oh well, too late... I went ahead and did it. ;-)~ Now that is the library of an erudite household for sure! Very impressive. I'd love to spend a rainy day (managed to work the weather in there, did you notice that? lol) perusing your bookshelves and curling up with stack of selected favorites, surrounded by your feline family members while you ply me with cups of delicious tea and David brings me chocolate eclairs. ;-)

That Charlie, he is a strange and funny cat! But it's your descriptions of him that really amuse me! I loved your theory of his obsession over rug wrinkles, and Penny's take on his internal dialog. I hope he was able to puzzle it out to his satisfaction! Maybe that's just his way of meditating. Pepper has her Buddha statue, Charlie his rug wrinkle!

Barbara said...

Happy Birthday, David! And many, many more.

Charlie is the funniest cat, or you are the funniest human . . . well, maybe both. :D

Au and Target said...

Love that wooden cat. Charlie has the same thing as Target. Maybe they think there's a monster under every rug wrinkle???

Barbara said...

Apologies all, life got in the way of blogging (tsk tsk!), and I haven't had time to comment on your kind comments. Penny: The good thing about being short sighted is that once I take my glasses off I don't need reading glasses, I do sympathise with you ref the small print. Loved the internal dialogue you came up with for Charlie! Laloofah: Erudite? Moi? :O) Of course you are allowed to look at the books, it was just that Penny put in a special request for a photo of them. Crikey it was hot yesterday, Charlie says he thinks his intestines have melted! No way he meditates on anything (unless it's violence). Also, I'd gladly make you a cup of tea, but your chances of getting a chocolate eclair from David are minus zero. Barbara: Charlie and I are both odd I think! Au and Target: Charlie says 'Great minds think alike' :O)


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