Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Thursday Challenge - Liquid, (and some cat updates)

Lapsang Souchong Tea
(you can just see my reflection in the teapot)

And brief cat updates... Mrs P went for her check-up and her ear is healing well, the perforated eardrum is now almost closed and she's gone up from 4.8kg to 5kg in weight.  She was given another long-lasting antibiotic jab and it's back again in two weeks.  The vet wondered if any of Mrs P's teeth might be adding to her ear problems and discovered a tooth with the nerves showing (EEK!) which will probably have to come out.  She also said that as Mrs P's kidney results were so good there is no need for her to have renal food all the time (for which my bank balance is very grateful).

Posky went for his acupuncture last night and was a bit antsy, which is very unlike him.  He did eventually settle down and get over himself and was rewarded with some fish when we got home.

And finally, here is a picture of Charlie wearing a hat (to go with his scarf pic).  This is not a very good photo as it was taken on my phone, but just the fact that he was actually WEARING A HAT was, I thought, worthy of note :O)  (I was actually trying to crochet a round mat and was failing so all the rejects became small hats).

Charlie - available for Vogue photoshoots (at a price...)

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Au and Target said...

Well that's good news all round. We're purring with satisfaction!

Kjelle Bus said...

Great that Mrs P´s ear is healing is healing well ! Hope it will be OK with the tooth too !
Acupuncture on a cat ??!! No wonder Posky was autsy ;-)
Charlie you sure look like a Vogue model in that hat !!!

Tina said...

Beautiful tea and sweet cat :) LG Tina

Barbara said...

Glad you have good news about health issues, and glad for your bank balance as well. Charlie must have been half asleep to actually wear the hat but he looks quite debonair. :D

Laloofah said...

That tea looks most inviting, as it's clouding up and cooling off here now, and feeling (weather-wise, at least) rather British, frankly! :-)

Wonderful news about Mrs P's ear and kidney test results! But owwww, just reading about her tooth made me cringe! I hope having that addressed will give her much relief.

Never thought I'd see the day that Charlie would sport a hat! He's turning into quite the little haberdasher model these days! What a guy. :-)

Anonymous said...

That picture of Charlie really made me laugh. He doesn't seem bothered at all!
Poor Mrs P, the tooth after the ear... I hope she gets all sorted soon.
I had to bring Kaos to the vet yesterday as his ears were really scabby: rabbit fleas from too much hunting and .... he is allergic to them!

Barbara said...

Mrs P thanks everyone for thinking of her. Laloofah - you really will have to learn the lingo if you want to be British, I remember you having a rather dodgy translator! You also have to remember to mention the weather at every available opportunity so you've made a good start there ;O))
Em - That hat didn't stay on long! Poor Kaos, hope the ears are healing. Mrs P also has a flea allergy so I have to remember to Frontline her!

Anonymous said...

Glad Mrs P's ear's looking better, but the tooth doesn't sound good. It must be hurting her? Poor wee soul...

Is that a long-suffering look on Charlie's face? :o)


lisa said...

Charlie is adorable, and oh, poor Mrs. P.!! That must have been hurting her! I am glad she is doing better though. Your photographs are just fantastic.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Laloofah said...

Oh dear, what did I get wrong this time?!

Sure looks like rain. Might get a wee bit of sun, hard to say. ;-)

Barbara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barbara said...

Laloofah - No you didn't get anything wrong in your comment, I was just remarking in general about the 'two nations divided by a common language' thing. Your weather chat is coming along nicely :O)))


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