Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Cats on Tuesday

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A not-very-exciting event happened this morning just after breakfast.

Charlie was sitting amidst the debris of dismantled pots and plants in the corner of the
garden that we don't talk about, when he noticed something
 and immediately informed Pepper.

Pepper was actually examining a gargoyle at the time
as she swore it had moved during the night, but
left it to go and see what Charlie had found.

Mrs P came to have a look at Charlie's discovery but
decided the remains of breakfast were more interesting so 
went back inside to demolish everyone's food.

And what was the cause of the excitement?  
This little cat
who was peeping out from behind our neighbour Janet's fence.

I zoomed in on the photo hence the dodgy quality.
As you can see, a truly terrifying beast!  It was
probably actually wondering how it could make a graceful
exit without four manic cats trying to beat it to a pulp.

It needn't have worried.
Pepper was the only one courageous enough to go and
investigate further.

Charlie and Posky, ever the brave man-cats
encouraged her from the safety of the gate.
'We'll be right behind you!'

However all that happened was a staring contest.
  It was akin to one of those Japanese Samurai films,
 only in this one everyone went home after 
about ten minutes as they were bored.

And just some brief news, Mrs Pod had a long lasting antibiotic jab at the vets last Wednesday and is feeling much better now.  They also tested her kidneys and the results were excellent.  We still have to decide how we can try and keep her ears free of infection long term but she's going back for a check-up next week so hopefully we'll be able to discuss it then.  She thanks everyone for their healing thoughts and purrs!


Kjelle Bus said...

Miaow , Miaow !
I think your not-very-exciting event , was exciting to read about :)
Have a PURRfect tuesday !

Au and Target said...

It sounds like an exciting confrontation :-)

Gattina said...

An intruder and as usual there is the female who checks out. Same here ! Especially when it's another female as your intruder, lol !
Good to know that Mrs Pod is feeling better ! Pookie too, the ulcer seems to close.
Fortunately she eats her antibiotics wrapped in a meatball without any problem ! The cats I had before ate the meat and spat the pill out !

jabblog said...

That's enough excitement in one day for your cats. Perhaps the little intruder thought she'd like to join your household.
It's good to know that Mrs Pod is on the mend.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Our mom prefers your "excitement" over ours...She feeds an abandoned cat every morning, but two mornings ago, when she went out, he was having a stand off with another new-to-us stray (?). Lots of vocalization (this is 4:30AM mind you). The mom went for her water spray bottle and she got back, the two were at it, fur literally flying. Even spraying them didn't separate them, and then the neighbour's declawed cat, who stays out all summer, rushed into the fray, with the mom having fits that he'd get chewed up in the process.

After half a bottle of water the new stray took off, with Toby (name for the abandoned one) hot on his heels. It was a bit dicey, but then things finally settled down.

So we'll trade your "excitement" for ours! LOL.

BTW, great news re: Mrs. Pod! Continued purrs from us!

Barbara said...

These cat stories are so much fun. Never a dull moment, eh? Scaredy Cat's kittens were over for a visit a couple evenings ago: a black and white one (like Momma), an all gray one, a yellow and white one that stole my heart, and a couple others who look kind of like Pepper only they have more white around the chest and shoulders. I hope she's moved them this side of the road because we have quarry trucks and natural gas drilling trucks and dump trucks going by very fast all day now. Oh for the peace and quiet of 17 years ago when we moved here.

Irishcoda said...

Your gang certainly had a lot more excitement than mine did! Enjoyed all the pictures!

Photo Cache said...

There are three kitties coming to our backyard for a visit everyday. Mama and Papa feed them.

Hope everyfurry is okay at your house.

Emma and Buster

Anonymous said...

Exciting stuff! Suspected danger from an unknown intruder; an example of female (pacifist) supremacy. There was quite bit happening here!

So glad about Mrs P. Hope you manage to keep her ears clean. Wee soul!


Barbara said...

Fuzzy Tales: Such drama! I don't even like to think about trying to break up a cat fight!
Barbara: Oh crikey, how worrying about those kittens. I do hope things turn out ok for them.
Photo Cache: If I tried to feed any passing kitties Charlie and Posky would explode with rage, and besides I'd probably go bankrupt. How nice of your Mum and Dad to feed your visitors.
Penny: Not sure how pleased Mrs P will be if I'm advised to clean her ears every day, she hates the cleaning stuff and glares at me for hours when I've used it on her!

Anonymous said...

Ah! She sounds like Susie - very huffy! Any medical treatment - or if we're too many hours away from home - and she sulks for hours!


The Chair Speaks said...

The kitties are chubby. Our human loves to hug fat cats. We're glad Mrs P feels better. Sending lots of purrs to you all.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear Mrs P is feeling better...


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