Friday, 12 November 2010

Phone Pics

Where would I be without my phone? It's a Sony Ericsson W995 with a 8 mega pixel camera and a heck of a good Walkman (we played Christmas carols on it in the office last year and my boss came up to look out of the window as he thought it was a band outside!).  As someone wisely once said, 'the best camera is the one you have with you at the time', and I've grabbed some shots on my phone that I would otherwise have missed due to not being able to trail my camera everywhere (even though I'd like to).  So here are a couple I managed to snap.  

The first one was taken on the bridge from the Highcross Centre in Leicester.

And the second is one I took on the way to work last week.  I think the leaves have all but gone now as it's been very, very windy.

Tomorrow I may try, once again, to get a photo of me and a cat (it's becoming an obsession now).  Plus my hair has been cut so I might be able to see what I'm doing a little better (hello Hayley! :O)).


The Chair Speaks said...

Think your phone is more advanced than my cheap compact camera. Lovely pictures!

Barbara said...

I think my phone is more advanced than I am :O)


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