Sunday, 9 May 2010

Well, such election drama!  I was hoping there'd have been a military coup by the W.I. by now, and David C and Gordon B would have been sent to bed without their supper, and victoria-sandwich cake eating would have been compulsory.  We can dream...  Unfortunately here we are still stuck with the Conservative idiot who has had his seat for so long he only shows his face when it will get in the papers.  He was also involved in the expenses scandal (something to do with buying astrology software!!!) and does absolutely nothing for his constituency.  Bring on proportional representation!

To get away from all thoughts of politics and the chaos we seem to be in...  

Apropos nothing... this is an image I took in Stratford - I just find the composition pleasing, and I like the texture and colour of the bricks contrasting with the ivy.

 And this is a ladybird on a dead rudbeckia in our garden - my cunning plan to not tidy up the garden obviously worked!

1 comment:

Mum said...

I'm eating chocolate to stop me thinking about the election fiasco!
I'm pleased that you tidn't tidy the garden, because the ladybird is beautiful and obviously having a nice time.


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