Monday, 3 May 2010

I am too much i' the sun...

Well the title is slightly misleading. Amazingly for a Bank Holiday Monday there was some sunshine yesterday, and as I was left to fall back on my own devices yet again, I went to Stratford upon Avon. Had a lovely time - first breakfast, then walking around taking photos and finishing with a pot of tea at the Courtyard Theatre cafe. I also bought a signed copy of Keith Osborn's Something Written in the State of Denmark. A year in the life of an actor with the RSC - and what a year it was... The 2008-9 season saw Greg Doran's Dream, then his Hamlet with Patrick Stewart and David Tennant, and then Love's Labour's. Amazingly I saw all three and the book brought back many happy memories. That was a crazy year at Stratford - the frenzy that gripped the town as fans tried to get a glimpse of either David T or Patrick S had to be seen to be believed. Because so many actors can be seen in and around the town they can usually walk about without anyone bothering them, but not them. We actually saw David T in disguise once. My friend Cath and I were just coming out from the matinee of Dream when she frantically grabbed my arm and pointed to someone next to me; and there was DT wearing a baseball cap walking though the crowds in the foyer of the theatre to avoid the fans at the stage door. And no one else recognised him! Cath only saw him as she is rather short and was able to see under his cap. And we didn't give him away either... :O)

Lime Trees in Bancroft Gardens (note sunshine - but it was b****y cold!)
A swan of Avon
Blossom along the path in the RSC Gardens

More blossom - this time in the churchyard (Holy Trinity Church)

A dandelion! The close-up filter had to come out at some point...
Rain on its way... Luckily I was just heading back to the car at this point

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