Sunday, 2 May 2010

The rain it raineth every day...

So it's a Bank Holiday weekend, so it had to rain at some point. We were meant to be going to take photos of some hot-rod cars today and despite the fact that I was looking forward to it, it was decided for me that we weren't going to go. Anyway, being at a loose end I had another go with the close-up filter, one of the results is the acer leaf picture behind my blog title. What I'm still getting to grips with is the very shallow depth of field - you have to focus EXACTLY. Still, great fun trying.
Charlie the cat has appeared on my page as this week's 'cat of the week'. This is an award given to one of our cats for a) doing something outstanding, or b) not doing anything to wake me up before 6 a.m. This week we still had no outright winner by Thursday so each cat had their picture put on my flickr page, and it was decided that the one that got most comments would be COTW. Charlie managed over 30 comments, and even though suspected of vote-rigging was awarded the title.

These are the also-rans.



Mrs Pod

And then despite my strong views on animal experimentation, I tested the close-up filter on them too.

I am now going to spend the afternoon curled up on the sofa with a book, some chocolate, and possibly a glass of red wine and a cat.

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Mum said...

Have just been introduced (by you know who) and I am impressed with your musings and lovely photos. ( A couple of them have gone on strike but we wont mention that!)Please tell the cats they are gorgeous. If I can work the technolgy, I will drop in again!


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