Tuesday, 14 June 2016

And We're Back!

Helloo, helloo!  Well my indecision was final - after closing this blog down a year ago and trying out Wordpress (can't say I was impressed), I've decided to reopen Words Words Words renamed as The Happy Pumpkin. No particular reason for that name other than that I like pumpkins and I'd rather see a happy one than one drowning in self-pity and misery, and Words Words Words just didn't seem right for a blog so heavily biased towards photography!

So what's new? Well I'm working part time as a photographer, and part time for PetPals who are a pet sitting/dog walking company.  I love my job (well the majority of the time I love it, every job has its days...); I get to go out and play with pooches, then come back to my kitties and be grateful for how quiet and calm they are (usually).

So talking of cats, let us waste no further time before posting some pics:

Pepper: Yes my beautiful little Buddhist is still as fabulous.
It was her 17th birthday on Sunday - she celebrated by lying
around on tulle with some artificial flowers.

Charlie: Charlie is getting on in years now - still irascible,  still a diabetic, 
and still moaning about Ralph.  He has become something
of a lap cat in his old age - although I'm not supposed
to mention that so as not to ruin his 'hard cat' image.
Sorry Charlie ;-)

Ralph: Ahh Ralphie, well he is a total love bug.
He's funny, cuddly, a bit naughty but just
so gorgeous it's untrue.

Photography tip: When shooting portraits of pets or people, always, ALWAYS, focus on the eyes.  This is especially important when using wide apertures as you will only have a narrow depth of field to play with, so it's important to get the focus spot on.

You can view my professional photography websites at www.barbarajacksonphotography.co.uk and www.happypetsphotography.com


Gattina said...

Welcome back to Blogger ! I had the same years ago I tried Wordpress didn't like it and returned to Blogger. My Pookie is also 17, she has no teeth anymore but seems OK, Nice to see you again !

Deb said...

Hi Barb, Pepper, Charlie & Ralph. Soooo glad to see you again. I've always loved your photos, Barb, and know I'll be visiting often. Hugs to all those precious cats. Deb
(Audrey says "scowl for the camera, guys. It's fun.")

William Kendall said...

It is good to see these kitties again!

Barbara said...

Thanks guys, it's good to be back 😊

Ida said...

Barbara I have so missed your amazing photos. Welcome back!
These shots are just stunning. Such pretty kitties.


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