Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Cats on Tuesday...

First cat post of 2013, and the first week of the year has been an eventful one.  Mrs P has been back to the vet twice with poorly ears, yesterday she was given an antibiotic jab to try and clear things up.  Aga did mention that sometimes they REMOVE the ear canal in cases where there are recurring infections, a thought which made both Mrs P and myself wince.  Mrs P also got to yell at the nice workmen who came to do some stuff to the house - they were only trying to tell her that she might like to move from the second stair where she likes to sleep so that she wouldn't get hurt with tools/plaster/large boots etc but she wasn't having any of it and in the end they gave up and worked around her.

And what about the other two? Well Pepper has been given two new collars; a gold one for everyday use and a  rather spiffing diamante affair which could be worn to film premieres, audiences with the Queen etc.  Charlie hid under the bed when the workmen were here (possibly hoping to snaffle a hacksaw blade or chisel when they weren't looking).  Fans of his will be pleased to learn that his last glucose reading was still low enough for him not to need insulin, so he now only needs to get his paw jabbed once a month.

As for myself, I went to Cath's to take some shots of her cats, including Bumble who used to be a mega cute fluffy ginger kitten.  What she is now is debatable, she's like a demonic pine martin in a cat suit.  She is next to impossible to take photos of as she moves so fast!  Emo, who used to live across the road from Cath but who then decided to move in with her as the food was better and Cath had 'gullible cat person' stamped on her forehead, was better behaved.  Little Henry has never been the same since Bumble moved in and is such a martyr to his nerves he had to leap through the cat flap and disappear down the garden (swiftly pursued by the Ginger Ninja herself).

Pepper 2 crop

Charlie inspects the ongoing work...

Mrs P shows off her sick ear...

 This is Emo...
He used to live with a wedding photographer.
You can tell can't you?

This is Emo licking his lips
behind Henry's back.
Quite worrying in itself...

This is the inexhaustible Bumble.
The light is bloody awful for photography in Cath's house,
so we went for moody b&w.
Besides, film noir is very Bumble.

If you'd like to see how sickeningly cute Bumble was as a kitten before she turned into an 8lb ball of terror then click here.

For more kitty news visit Gattina's Cats on Tuesday.


Laloofah said...

Well, I could chastise you for making us wait an entire week for your first post of the New Year, but I won't because A) I know all too well what it's like with construction going on around you, B) I know all too well what it's like to be dealing with sick critters and vet visits, and C) a post this entertaining, amusing, newsy and filled with fun and wonderful cat photos was worth the wait! :-)

Remove the ear canal?!! I join you in your wincing - that sounds sadistic! Sure hope it doesn't come to that. Great news about Charlie, though - keep up the good work, Charles! And I'm glad Pepper finally got her diamante collar. Bet the gold one looks beautiful with her coloring - and I this is one of my favorite photos of her! Love it!

Bumble sounds like a lot of redheads I know. :-) Love the moniker, "Ginger Ninja!" Emo looks quite self-possessed, and poor Henry - good thing he has an escape route mapped out.

I couldn't help but notice you don't have a photo header - is that temporary or are you going with a minimalist look for January? :-)

Glad you're back in the blogging saddle again - good luck with the remodeling and with poor Mrs. P's ear!

Jennifer said...


My first Cats on Tuesday Post!

Love your photos! The first one has similiar markings to my Charlie :)

Kathy said...

The perspective on that first shot is quite stunning!

Ida said...

Fabulous kitty shots. I adore cats and these look to be especially adorable. Loved the one of Elmo licking his lips behind Henry and Bumble is such a handsome kitty.

William Kendall said...

That first shot particularly is amazing!


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