Sunday, 30 December 2012

Memories, Dreams and Reflections...

Selfie + significant other
(and some strange man who hogged the shot and pulled a Moriarty kind of face)
What am I most proud of accomplishing this year?
My first print sold and my first photo shoot booked.
Plus David and I (as Retro Air Photography)
were featured in Tease and Cake magazine
with our photos of the lovely Caroline (aka October Divine).
And on top of that I am mid-way to totally changing my hair colour :O)


David I love you...
The husband.
Although because he's a man and therefore
not logical, he has been known to drive me insane. Frequently.
Ask the cats :O)
Top one taken at Sutton Cheney,
lower one taken at Calke Abbey.

Still Laughing... #1
One of the funniest things ever
was when we were at Batsford Arboretum
and Helen pretended to be a zombie
and attack Cath.

Then there was also Cath
showing how easy it is
to fall off a log.

Winter Wonderland...
Taken back in February.
This December we've just had floods
and gales so far.

Footprints... Birthday...
We went to Stratford
for my birthday in May.
It was hot, damn hot.
(So hot that I wore a dress,
which is remarkable in itself).

My posse: Cath and Helen.
What can I say about them that
would do them justice?!?
Helen is quite normal
when she's on her own. 
Cath is obviously a bad influence on us both :O))

I was Inspired... #1
Constantly inspired by my wide angle lens (10-22mm).
Love it to death.

Fiona Harrison
...and by the fabulous ladies I got to photograph this year.
This is Fiona Harrison.

... and this is Caroline.

Daffs and bench with text
Spring Fever...
 A touch of the Wordsworths.

Travel or Vacation...
We went to Cambridge for the first time.
What a lovely city.  It's less than two
hours away by car so I have no
idea why I haven't got to that part of the
UK before! I'm rubbish!

Summer at Sywell
Summer Days... #1
Caroline at Sywell Aerodrome.

Clouds over late summer fields
... #2
And late summer fields
at Bosworth Battlefield.

IMG_4774  112 pictures in 2012 #23 Technology
A Day in my Life...
Well, I'm usually at work.
And this is what is usually going on.

Helen and butterflies
All Smiles...
Helen goes a bit Disney :O)

Autumn Harvest...
Batsford Arboretum.

Family or Home...
It wouldn't be home without our cats.
Here are David and Charlie taking it easy.
(Possibly just before Charlie indulges
in a moment of violence).

Let's Celebrate...
First print sold, yay!

View from the RST Tower
Plus a company asked to use
this old shot on their Christmas card
and I managed to get £100 out of them
for my local animal shelter.
Double yay!

A little light reading... Let's Do it Again... #1
Yes let's do a tricky
photography set up that means
hours of photo processing for me
and gives me a headache!!!

I Miss You...
My beautiful, beautiful boy Posky.
My little pal for 17 years, I miss him so much.

Beautiful... #1
Deer in Bradgate Park.

Bridge in Autumn
Beautiful Batsford again.

Fiona Harrison
Dress Up...
Well it had to be Fiona again
in an 18th C dress.
That woman's wardrobe must
be bigger than my entire house.

Bee on Sunflower
Busy bee.

Ho bloody ho...
Happy bloody Christmas...
I will say no more lest
I raise my blood pressure - but you know who you are!!!

Merry Christmas...
Mrs Pod did Christmas much better than us...

... whilst Charlie was more at home with Halloween.

My Favourite...
I really like this shot.
Surely there must be ONE
book publisher who could
use it for the cover of a Gothic novel?

Don't Ever Change...
Well it's got to be Cath and Helen.
Nutters Inc ;O)

Cath and friend

Argent's Mead
Just Because... So There! #1
Argents Mead in November

David and my camera

Posky 2
My boy

Watching the weather
Watching the weather at Coventry Airport.

Flight Hopes and Dreams...
What do I want for 2013?
To keep learning and live in the moment.

Thanks for all the comments and fun this year,
have a safe and happy New Year's Eve everyone,
and may 2013 be all that you could wish it to be.
From Barbara, David, Mrs Pod, Charlie and Pepper xx


svh2 said...

Wonderful, wonderful photographs. Of course, my lappie is all out of focus after seeing Posky's photos again. You really are a fantastic photographer!


Barbara said...

Thanks so much Penny - you lovely person you!

Laloofah said...

Okay, you know how I'm always leaving these long-ass, windbag comments, saying something about nearly every photo in your posts? Clearly, you've exceeded my capacity for that with this one. So let me just say that I love them all, and think you have an amazing talent and one of the very best blogs on the Webz, and I'm honored to know you.

Also, because I can't help myself: I think that photo of David taken at Calke Abbey is really excellent; love the Helen & Cath Zombie photo and the one of them on their staircase in their Santa hats (don't remember seeing either photo before), and while I always enjoy visiting so many of my own favorites among your photos (and there were several of them here), I also ADORE the one of the white bird in flight - another I don't remember seeing before.

Congratulations on selling your first print and getting your first booking, and if someone doesn't use that sublime photo of the cemetery gates in the snow for a book cover, then someone is an idiot!! :-) I can't imagine your commercial success as a photographer won't grow in leaps and bounds.

Thank you for your exceptional blog, for all the fun stories and helpful hints and beautiful, amusing, entertaining and interesting photos - and for sharing your time, talent and snippets of your life with us hoi polloi! :-)

Happy New Year, dear friend! xoxo

P.S. What hair color are you changing to? Aubergine?

P.P.S. Is that the glass of wine photo that had you chugging the rest of the bottle? :-) It's gorgeous!! Definitely well worth the effort!

Barbara said...

Thank you Laurie, your comments always make my blog a better place. And keep giving me hints about which are your fave photos so I can keep future gifts in mind :O)

Even David quite likes that shot at Calke Abbey, the one in the sunglasses is when we nearly had the argument in the churchyard over the flash! And talking of which - that church is St James Church and is apparently where Richard III heard his last mass before doing battle at Bosworth. It's just down the road from the battlefield.

The zombie pic made an appearance on a Scavenger Hunt many months ago - we had so much fun taking it but every time anyone came into view we stopped what we were doing and pretended to just be admiring twigs and things...

The santa pics were taken at Helen's cottage the Friday before Christmas - that one on the stairs has its premier here. I love the expression on Cath's face - looks like a salty old sea dog more than santa! I had to sit on the stairs last night as I was laughing so much at one of their pics together - Charlie and Pepper thought I'd lost it completely and ran in to David to complain...

The bird pic was taken the same day as the deer - it's one of my favourites too. A fab day for photography.

My hair has been aubergine at some point! It's been most colours at some point! At the moment we're thinking platinum with maybe blue at the ends, but that could change (and it frequently does). I have a low boredom threshold...

That's the glass of wine that got thrown away and had me opening a bottle of red instead (I topped the wine up with water to fill the glass - bleugh). Red is much better anyway :O))

Thank YOU for all the fun and laughter, may you, BW and the girls have a wonderfully happy, healthy and peaceful 2013 (with no house moves).

Barbara said...

Of course it would help if I could spell premiere... :O)

Kathy said...

What a year you've had! And I have to say...lovin' that wine glass shot :)

Tamar SB said...

Such a fun collection of shots from your year! Love the picture of Cambridge! Happy new year to you and yours!

Pam Bowers said...

Your photo's are beautiful. But seriously, I love your friend's humor!!!

Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Barbara,
Thanks so much for your friendship and for this spectacular set of images!Your ART amazes me, I'm always learning with your photography, thanks a lot! :)
By the way, I love your portraits, you are adorable!
I wish you and your family a fabulous 2013!
purrs and love to you all
Luna - WE LOVE LUNA and hugs from mommy Léia

RuneE said...

You seem to have had a year well worth remembering, and it was pleasure to see many of the photos once more. Congratulations with sale etc!

Happy New Year!

Nicki said...

I can not begin to express the enjoyment I get from viewing your work. I absolutely adore the shot of David and Charlie in bed (now that I type that it sounds terribly wrong...but I trust you understand). And your friends, plus the 'dress-ups' - fantastic. I'm not surprised you have successfully sold work and highly suspect you will see more of that in the new year.

Cheers for a prosperous and Happy 2013!

Laloofah said...

Fear not, m'dear, the "hints" will keep coming for I can't help myself from raving publicly over my favorites, anymore than I can leave brief comments OR limit myself to twelve. :-)

I missed the Zombie pic totally, the bird photo I thought was vaguely familiar, but don't know why it didn't stick in my RAM better since it's so incredibly beautiful!

I can imagine you in platinum hair! Can't wait to see what you decide to do!

I agree about the superiority of red wine, and wish I could join you and the Wombat twins in your hysterical antics, over a bottle or two! :-)

Looking forward to a another fun year, and yes - one with no house moves and far fewer vet visits for both of us! xoxo

Kim C. said...

These are beautiful Barbara! Looks like a fun year indeed!

JessRaquel said...

I love your photos! The shot of the deer and your gothic gate.. they are amazing! I hope one day my photos are as good as yours!

Barbara said...

Kathy: Thank you for the wine-inspired inspiration :O) I'm surprised more photographers don't take to drink with the amount of perspiration and frustration involved with getting 'that' shot!

Tamar SB: Thank you - Cambridge is such a great city, just dodge the students trying to get you to buy rides on the punts, they're persistent buggers! Happy New Year to you and yours too x

Pam: Thank you - yep I seem to attract nutters as friends. Even my cats are odd, less odd than the humans I know but still odd...

Luna: Ahh thank you, hugs to you Luna (and your humans), you are such a sweetie, and glad your move went ok. I'm going to tell David you said I was adorable so he appreciates me more :O) Happy 2013! x

RuneE: Thank you! A wonderful 2013 to you and your family and I look forward to seeing more of your fabulous country in your equally fabulous photos this year.

Nicki: You are always so kind, thank you. I have to say, that shot of David and Charlie is one of my favourite ever pics, and your comment made me laugh so much. I feel like putting it on David's Facebook page ('click here to see pics of David in bed with Charlie') to generate more traffic. What kind of traffic it would be would be debatable, but what the heck! A fabulously photographic 2013 to you too!

Laurie: You back again?!?! :O)) I told Helen about the wombat comment - she said she'd been called worse :O)))

Kim C: Thank you! Happy 2013 x

JessRaquel: What a lovely thing to say, thank you - if you know any book publishers please tell them that Gothic gate shot is available for hire :O)))

Jenn said...

Blown away by your talent! Very inspiring set of photos! Happy 2013

The Silver Bunny said...

What beautiful photos, Barbara and what a year filled with achievements. I am so "jealous" of those pictures that if one day I explode my credit card buying a "real" camera and investing in photo lessons, I'll blame it entirely on you ! Have a wonderful 2013, as filled with love as the previous year !xx

Rejen said...

Beatyful and wonderful pictures, love them all...Wish you a great 2013..;-D

William Kendall said...

Splendid shots, particularly that graveyard entrance. You're a true artist.

So, men aren't logical?

All right... who is it who blabbed?

Barbara said...

Wiiliam - thank you. All women know that about men - we just don't talk about it very much :O))))

Flyss said...

Wow your photography is stunning, it's hard to choose a favourite, but I do love your "Inspired" shots!

Katz Tales said...

I love your pics! And congrats on the sale. Actually, I was telling my pal Tis last night to pop round and see this as she's just bought a Nikon.

Happy New Year! Meows and Purrs from Au, Target, Guido and Ellen aka De Survunt.

Barbara said...

Thank you Flyss!

Au and Co... many thanks for your kind words as always. So your friend Tis has gone over to the dark side eh? Thanks for recommending my blog to her, even Nikon users are welcome here :O))) Have a purrtastic 2013! xx


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