Saturday, 26 January 2013

Aaaaaaargh! The Snow has Gone...

Oh well, it was fun whilst it lasted.  Plus this week I've had to go into work later and leave earlier because of the road conditions, which can't be bad.

As the car was being MOTd yesterday I took a bus, (driven by someone who seemed to have been trained by Lewis Hamilton) into town, then met up with Cath for hot chocolate and her assistance in my ongoing search for a new pair of glasses.  I then dragged her to the park where I made her throw clumps of snow in the air and batter them until they disintegrated - all in the name of photographic experimentation of course.  A dog actually barked at us whilst we were doing this and Cath got covered in snow, and my feet were freezing... what I do for the sake of art...  I later found out that Helen had been in town at the same time.  If I'd only known this she could have been dragged into the snow frenzy as well.  Rats.

Today we have the excitement of going to look for bookshelves for the work-in-progress that is our living room, then tonight we're off to see Seven Psychopaths (nothing to do with Cath and Helen).

Have a great weekend!

This squirrel was trying to spy on the two crazy
women throwing snow... fail!
You can just see his friend's tail 
at the bottom left of the tree. 

Cath doing stuff with snow...

My lovely 50mm lens and a fast shutter speed.
I wish I'd opened up the aperture more, so I could have 
used a lower ISO, but I was trying to keep as much 
of what was happening in focus as possible.
If Cath hadn't been suffering from frost bite at this point
I'd have made her do it a few more times :O)


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hi Barbara

A gorgeous snow post!
I fell in love with squirrels when in England - we don't have them in NZ.

Love the photos of Cath - and her red coat!
I use my friends as props if I can too!
Merci beaucoup for guiding me to the silver bunny - I've joined her too obliv...!!!
Shane ♥

Gattina said...

Lol ! what fun ! I just thought the same, the snow goes away slowly when I just looked out of the window and it snows again !! And the weather forecast was "warmer temperature and no snow !"

jabblog said...

Cath is a good friend to you. She'll get her reward in heaven, possibly sooner than expected if she continues to indulge you;-)

Rejen said...

wonderful pictures..;-D love Caths red coat and she looks to have fun, though freezing..;-)

Barbara said...

Roses, Lace and Brocante: Glad I'm not the only one to utilise friendship for artistic purposes. I had no idea about the squirrels! Enjoy the Silver Bunny blog!

Gattina: Am hoping we'll get more in Feb!

Jabblog: LOL! I'll tell her that, she'll enjoy it :O)

Rejen: I think it was the snow going up her sleeves that was the main cause of her discomfort :O)

Laloofah said...

Awww, that didn't last long enough! But you seem to have gotten quite a bit of mileage out of it, both with your camera and with the ever-cooperative Cath!

I could try looking it up, but since you're the one who mentioned him, I think you should do the heavy lifting. Who is Lewis Hamilton? I'm going to guess he's a race or test car driver. If I'm correct, I'd like to win a valuable prize. :-)

Of course "Seven Psychopaths" has nothing to do with Cath and Helen. Even adding you into the mix (which I would never neglect to do), you're still a few psychopaths short. ;-)~

Barbara said...

Lol! Lewis is a British Grand Prix driver so you do indeed win the valuable prize of a photo shoot with a cat of your choice :o) 'A few psychopaths short of a film title...', I like it! It sounds like one of those insults like 'one sandwich short of a picnic'! :o)

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

I think they came out nice! I see a little digital noise, but nothing terrible. I like Cath's colors, they really pop!

Barbara said...

Thanks Wayne. The wonders of the 7D and Lightroom!

Laloofah said...

Well of course I choose Pepper at Batsford (isn't that where the big Buddha statue is?) for my Grand Prize. All expenses paid, of course. ;-)

"A few psychopaths short of a film title" - I think we've coined a keeper! LOL

Barbara said...

I'll let you and Pepper sort out the arrangements then :O))

William Kendall said...

The squirrels are thinking, "Silly two legged critters."


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