Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Wordless Wednesday...

I have a new toy to play with!  It's actually an early birthday present from David and is a fisheye filter with detachable macro.  As soon as I got home from work I was out in the garden with it taking photos of, well, weeds and stuff.

Flower with light leak
This is pretty much SOoC - the light leak was an accident!
Note that sneaky bug trying to get into the picture.

Flower picmonkey
This is not a weed - but I don't know what it is.
(I added a selective zoom to the petals in PicMonkey)

I'll be experimenting with the fisheye next to see what it can do.  Watch this space!


Jeanne said...

I love my fisheye lens, and bet you will have a blast with yours too!

Au and Target said...

Oooh how exciting! I'm off on holiday and will be playing with my camera. Hope I get to be a bit better but I think it would take a year to get up to your speed. Meow to the fuzzies!

Barbara said...

Jeanne - I think it will take practice to get the effect right but what the heck!

Au and Target - have a wonderful hol!

Kathy said...

Gorgeous! Yikes, yet another "thingy" I need to add to my "wish list".

Dariela said...

The bottom one is awesome!


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