Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cat on Tuesday...

This week the cats have mainly been hot and bothered - the temperature is still ridiculously high.  The only time I can sit outside is at 6am when I am joined by one or more felines yelling at the birds or showing me  various weeds I've missed in my gardening efforts.

You may remember that Posky and Charlie had blood tests a few weeks back to check their kidneys.  Charlie's were fine (we were all surprised that it didn't show up the fact he is demonically possessed), Posky had further tests and was shown to have protein in his urine so is now on Fortekor tablets.  He's lost a lot of weight over the last year - but I did tell the vet this hasn't been helped by the fact HE HATES RENAL FOOD! He's now having normal Senior cat food instead - the poor boy was becoming a shadow of his former self.  His Greyness was concerned that his fur would soon be too big for him and would start dragging on the floor behind him as he walked... Anyway, I took him to be weighed on Saturday and he's maintained - which we were all relieved about.  Of course this gives me the challenge of finding a flavour/brand of food every week that they'll all eat.  Pepper in particular is prone to take one look at my offering to her and run away as if I've seasoned it with arsenic and cyanide.  Nothing like a cat to make you feel like a culinary failure...

Mrs P melts in the sun...

... and here shows off one of my Japanese Maples...

... 'Crop her out, crop her out!'
Cat egotism at large...

... I was trying to take a nice photo
of His Greyness on the bench - 
his inability to keep his mouth shut obviously
made this an epic fail.  Shall we try that again Posky?
And this time how about shutting the hell up?

... See, not hard was it?
Posky:  'Shut up yourself or I'll vomit in your shoe'...

Pepper kindly points out to me
and the rest of the world my lack of
gardening skills...
Pepper: 'Personally I'd put a lavender there, or
maybe some catmint.  And did you know
those logs need replacing?'...

... and then she suddenly realises I have my camera
so springs into photogenic action on the bench.
(Pepper would like to dedicate this shot
to her number one fan Laurie...)

... Only to be shoved off it by Charlie
so he could show off his
(not inconsiderable) belly.
Do those eyes look scary or what?

... and here he is going for a profile shot
only he couldn't twist his head around far enough.

... and because he wanted a shot of himself looking heroic,
here he is guarding the rose I got for my birthday.
(What he was guarding it from is a bit of
a mystery... although he did say something about there
being mutant greenfly about this summer).

For more kitties visit Gattina's Cats on Tuesday.


Gattina said...

The weather is indeed amazing now it's hot in the North and they are freezing in the South ! It's so hard to fin suitable food for a stubborn cat on diet ! I have the same problem with Sir Arthur !

Nadezda said...

Ils sont beaux !!!

Kate-Marita Pettersen said...

I love all your pictures!! But I really think the first and the last is amazing!!
Have a nice day:)

Barbara said...

My, my! The feline portion of the family is a bit testy, eh? I don't blame them a bit. It's ungodly hot the past few days here too and Dave is a little testy as well. I'm just trying to sort of melt into the background and stay out of trouble. :)

catsynth said...

Even if they are hot and uncomfortable, your cats are all still quite photogenic :)

Laloofah said...

ROTFL!! BW and I both burst out laughing at the "Crop her out! Crop her out!" caption!! You are TOO funny!

These photos are great, I love every one of them. Posky is so plush and handsome (even when it looks like he's singing an aria), Mrs. P is a catnapping rock star, and Pepper is absolutely gorgeous. As for Charlie - the always entertaining Charlie - guarding your beautiful birthday rose bush from mutant creatures is a dirty job, but he's clearly the best man to have do it! :-)

Kjelle Bus said...

It has been very hot here in south Sweden too , but not any longer. Now it´s just +10 C and raining :(
Beutiful pictures on all the cat´s !
The Crop her out photo made both me and "mom" laugh :)


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