Monday, 9 April 2012

Monday, Monday.... (la la, la la la la....)

Almost at the end of the Easter Bank Holiday weekend... I always find it a bit of a strange holiday - my Mum died six years ago on Easter Monday so I have odd memories of it, plus add to that the variable weather and TOTALLY PATHETIC TV SCHEDULING and I usually just want to hibernate through it.  In my ideal world we would do away with bank holidays and just have days added to the annual holiday allowance.  I could then take the days off when I wanted so that I didn't have to fight my way through hordes of other people going to the same place I want to be.  Ah well, I can dream...  As David went out for the day yesterday I did absolutely nothing except read and slob about - not in itself unenjoyable.  Today we did actually venture out in the rain to Stratford (which was even more packed than usual) where I had a truly disgusting cup of coffee, and more importantly I BOUGHT A DRESS - an event so unusual as to warrant a moment's silence.

Not much in the way of photos except two swans not in the slightest bit bothered by either the rain or myself.  Plus a photo of an onion that I took yesterday when re-runs of Top Gear became too much for me!



Kathy said...

That must have been one special dress for you to succomb to it :). Today is the last day of our holiday and I'm anxiously awaiting a return to normalcy. More accurately, getting everyone OUT of the house so I can have it back all to myself...and the world will once again be in alignment.

Laloofah said...

I like your inspired idea about swapping bank (or in our case, "national") holidays for extra personal holidays! You'll get my vote should you run for Parliament on that platform (and I can find a way to become eligible to vote for members of the British Parliament!) :-)

The swans are lovely and so dignified, as swans are wont to be. And your onion photo looks like the cover of a gourmet vegan cookbook. It would make a beautiful poster, too!

When do we get to see a photo of THE DRESS? Last dress I bought was on a trip to Boston in 1990 or so. :-)

Barbara said...

I think anyone who WANTS to run for parliament is certifiable, ... but if I did I'd promise tax breaks for those who got their cats and dogs from rescue centres, people who were vegetarians, photographers in need, red wine drinkers, and producers of damn fine dark chocolate etc - plus the bank holiday thing. And I'd also allow you to vote - just because I can :O)

It's a maxi dress - to be worn on warm days preferably with a large hat and bohemian type jewellery. I'm usually to be found in jeans and boots with the odd cat hair or two thrown in for that avante garde look :O)

The onion has now gone OTT in its quest for weirdness, it's in danger of taking over the kitchen completely...


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