Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Cats on Tuesday...

As she felt left out last week, Pepper wanted this week's Cats on Tuesday post to show nothing but photos of her.  She also said that she'd like the post to be sub-titled 'The Magic of Pepper'.  I hear and I obey.

A few Pepper facts:
She will be 13 in June.
She is the only one of our cats we've had since kitten-hood.
She is very clever.
She likes to hang out in the bathroom with whoever is in there.
She is a dainty little cat who uses her paw to pull single biscuits from her dish.
Given the chance she is a formidable huntress (although becoming the Buddha's disciple has thankfully lessened this).
She is a minx - she once rode down the stairs on another cat's back.
Her favourite toy is a plastic ring which she likes you to throw for her.
She is the only one of our cats that sleeps on our bed (for which we are thankful, as there wouldn't be enough room for us if they all did it).

Pepper shows her pretty profile...

This is her 'I'm too sexy...' look. 
And she'd like to point out that it's my shameful 
lack of photography skills that make her look
fatter than she really is...

The background is the furry throw that the very nice
Sandra (whom I work with) gave to the cats.
It's very popular.

Here's Pepper looking intense...

... and finally, doing her morning yoga.

Pepper appears by kind permission of the Buddha in the garden.
For more kitties go to Gattina's Cats on Tuesday.


Kjelle Bus said...

Hi there Pepper *wave my paws*
It was really nice to learn a little bit moore about you !
Me too like to hang out in the bathroom with whoever is in there :)
I just LOVE your I´m to sexy look photo !
Have a great tuesday !

xoxo from Kjelle Bus

jabblog said...

I can see that Pepper deserves a post to herself to showcase her undoubted talents. She has a gorgeous coat - lovely colours. I'm sure meditation will become a greater part of her life as she follows the Buddha's path (and then the local small-life can breathe easier!)

BookPlease said...

She's beautiful - and what a perfect cat stretch!

Mum said...

"..... and on her dressing room, they hung a star."

Barbara said...

There'll be no living with her now...

Cezar and Léia said...

Bonjour dear Barbara and cat friends!
I'm delighted by so gorgeous portraits of sweet Pepper!
Adorable girl!
Luna - WE Love LUNA

( hugs from mammy Léia )

svh2 said...

She is totally, wotally gorgeous! Lovely photos, too! :o)

I like the new commenting thing, but could you consider adding 'URL' as a way of commenting? Thanks! :o)


Barbara said...

Hi Penny, will have a look and see if I can manage it!

Laloofah said...

Pepper, you're gorgeous, and I enjoyed learning more about you (would have paid good money to see a photo of you riding on another cat's back down the stairs! LOL At least other cats are good for something, besides being extras in your "Drama in the Garden" plays. ;-)

I do hope your photographer will pick up some pointers in her photo class for making you look as svelte in your portraits as I'm sure you are in reality. Because until she does, she's RUBBISH! LOL!

That's a beautiful Sunrise Salutation, makes me want to stretch like a cat in a beautiful sunny garden, too!

Barbara said...

Laloofah - I blame the wide angle lens - it made Charlie's bum look big too :O)))

Penny - I've looked but I can't see anything about allowing URL. Will get David to check it as it might just be me being rubbish!

Ida said...

She's gorgeous!


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