Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A Very Late Scavenger Hunt (and Cats on Tuesday too)...

I had every intention of posting this on Sunday but it just didn't happen. Yes I know I'm rubbish.  Anyway... a few archive shots here but some new ones too.  My cold has just about gone so at least I don't feel as if my head is stuffed with polystyrene any more, and I've actually written out some Christmas cards!  My camera is back from the camera hospital (sent on Monday, got it back Thursday, brilliant service or what?), so I'm looking forward to getting out and about with it again.  I've also begun begging for a new lens for Christmas (I have no shame). ;O)

For anyone looking for Cats on Tuesday it's right at the bottom of this post and features a photo of Charlie being bad.

Less is more...
A gull about to fly out of the frame.

Stratford upon Avon Christmas Lights
Holiday Lights...
Stratford upon Avon.
That tree of lights at the top of the road is the one
I included in the Scavenger Hunt last week.
The tree in the foreground is made of green lights, and the
lights across the street are multi-coloured, but I
actually prefer this in b&w.

... and some more Holiday Lights.
I didn't have to take my life in my hands
by standing in the middle of the road to take these
as they're hanging above our fireplace.

Tealight holder
This is from the archives,
(ornament courtesy of Lakeland!).

Cup of cheer...
New cups (to go with new Christmas teapot).

And David's own particular cup of cheer...
Lagavulin single malt whiskey.  I'd just like to 
point out that he refused to let me have any
 of this for my cold, but made me go and
buy a cheap bottle instead!

Ok, I was struggling with this one!
These are the bean-bag nativity people
I got from the Christmas fair.

And now for something completely different... Cats on Tuesday.

Charlie Bad
This is Charlie being... well... Charlie!
Penny thinks he's just being affectionate
in these shots... hmmm!


Ruth said...

You can't have single malt for a cold! Tsk!

4simplyliving said...

I love your sense of humor, your blog made me laugh {out loud} when I got to the picture of your husband, and I needed that this morning. Ok now for kudos, I do really love your ornament shot, and that nativity is super cute.

Luna und Luzie said...

Your photos ar gorgeous!!!
What a funny picture of your husband :)

Laloofah said...

That seagull photo is sublime!

I noticed that in this shot of the street and roundabout's Christmas lights, the strands over the street look a lot less like the USAF logo than your earlier shots did, leading me to conclude that David alerted the RAF, who strafed the unseemly originals and replaced them with these. (Or maybe it was just your special effects at work again!) ;-)

I love your reindeer lights, and BW and I are both wickedly covetous of those adorable Christmas mugs! (Wanna see the teapot!) BW came in while I had that photo up on the screen and said, with great gusto, "Those are fun mugs! Those are really fun mugs!" :-)

And those bean bag nativity people are the cutest! LOL!

Between the photos of David and Charlie, this post's prompt could have been 'Santa's Naughty List!" Lumps of coal all around, I say. (Sweet Penny, you see the good in everyone! Can't wait to hear what you have to say in defense of greedy David refusing to share his precious whisky with his ailing wife, who was clearly at Death's Door - and at Christmas! - and needing it for medicinal purposes only!) ;-)

Sharon Wagner said...

Your Christmas shots are dazzling. Especially the b/w shot downtown. And not to forget the kitties.

Barbara said...

I agree, naughty list indeed. So glad you are recovering from your cold.

Maybe it's just this time of year, or coincidence, but many of us seem to be skipping some blogs lately. With me it's a lack of time, travel, and very little reading - which makes me grumpy and some of the other dwarfs too. :)

svh2 said...

Laloofah, I'm a tigress when my friends are threatened! Poor Barbara! Was oo not allowed any whisky, you wee soul! Cruel David! (Note the correct speeling of whisky, BTW. It's from Islay in Scotland, so there's no 'e'! Also, BTW, John agrees with David... Huh!)

I love those mugs! Why no shot of the teapot, eh? Tsk! And those wee nativity people are adorable!

I'm remaining tight-lipped on the subject of that dear boy, Charlie. He and I know he was framed. That's all I'm saying...

Penny (Tigress and defender of much maligned cats)

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

I love sea gulls so I really loved that picture. I enjoy all your photos. No fair about not getting to use the good stuff for your cold. :0)

I love those nativity people!

It looks like Charlie is giving the hand some bitey kisses which are quite painful sometimes, but given with love.

Au and Target said...

Charlie being bad?? No way! He's too cute to be bad.

Carla said...

Go Charlie go! Keep those people in line!! (beautiful shots, hope you keep feeling better and get your new lens;) )

Lui said...

Awww that was some images! I love them all! And Charlie stole the show. Paws up!

Barbara said...

Ref Charlie - it wasn't love, it was violence!
Barbara: Dwarfs - LOL! I know, where does the time go?
Laloofah: Love the idea of David being able to call in the RAF to deal with errant Christmas lights. Sandra and Janet who I work with said they will be witnesses to the fact he made me drink cheap alcohol (surprised he didn't just suggest meths...). Will try and get snap of teapot!
Penny: I wasn't allowed near enough the bottle to learn how to spell it correctly ;O) Jon is as bad as David!

Ashley Sisk said...

Love this entire series - I especially like your first two shots. Great work.

Cindy said...

I love your beautiful photographs!! And Buster, Rudy and Sam love the photo of Charlie! MOL!

Patrice said...

Great shots - I just love that Nativity!

RuneE said...

You definitely is in the Holiday Season, with all the trimmings. Especially that Single Malt ...


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