Monday, 26 December 2011

Monday Musings...

I hope everyone had the kind of Christmas Day they most enjoy and that Santa was good to you all.  We had a  nice restful day (or what could be termed slothful in the case of the cats).  I had my nose stuck in my new photography book for most of the afternoon but surfaced in the evening to watch three episodes of The Killing on DVD (which is a brilliant Danish series for those who don't know it).  Today I'm thinking of fighting my way to a shop as I have to look for a birthday present for Cath... post Christmas sales are not my favourite things.  Then tonight it's off to the RSC to see Measure for Measure.  Whatever everyone is doing we hope you have a great Boxing Day.

Christmas Pumpkins
I obviously didn't have enough to do on Christmas Day...

Our Christmas Tree got so excited it exploded ;o)))
(No trees were actually harmed during the taking of this photo)

Look at this tiny cat, isn't he sweet?
It was a present from Laurie and I've taken 
him next to a 50p piece to show his size.


Laloofah said...

Happy Boxing Day, Barbara!
That Grinchly hat is just too amusing, and a more suitable chapeau for my Christmas-weary husband does not exist. :-) Love the expression on the big pumpkin!
Your "exploding Christmas tree" is quite splendid! Did you learn that technique from your new photography book?
I'm glad you like the wee antique kitty. I knew he'd have a good home with you! :-)

Kathy said...

Haha, I love your exploding tree! UGH, I never go to a shop the day after Christmas, so good luck in your endeavor my friend :). We were very slothful here too, actually I'm having a very difficult time STILL getting out of my pj's. But I WILL overcome that today...I think.


Au and Target said...

Merry Christmas! Love to all of you from of us in Malaysia

Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud said...

I love the zoom effect you did on your Christmas tree, Barbara. So cool! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well. :)

Barbara said...

Laloofah: Got the idea for the tree from a photo mag and was bored so gave it a go! Couldn't stop once I'd started :O) The book is called 'Visual Poetry' and is less a technical photography book than a book about the creative process - has some great interviews with wonderful photographers in it.
Kathy: Big mistake of mine to go near a shop yesterday... psychoville!! But I did get the birthday present!
Au and Target: Miaowy Christmas to you too :O)
Kristi: Thanks, it was quiet and we had a much needed rest. Hope you're enjoying yours too x


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