Sunday, 13 November 2011

That was the week that was...

No Scavenger Hunt this week, so I thought I'd do a quick review of the last seven days instead.
 - A week of freebies! A stranger gave me a voucher for a free drink in M&S; I had enough points on my Boots card to get some very nice Ted Baker smelly things; Tesco's clubcard voucher exchange meant that we're getting a free meal for two at Bella Pasta; and my Sainsbury Nectar points got me £17.50 worth of Amazon vouchers!  Hurrah!

- I got a lovely card from my Mum in law about Ben.

- I got a lovely e-card from Laurie at Mehitabel Days which brightened my day.

- I got my act together and entered some cat photos in the local animal shelter's cat photo competition.

- We went to Stratford.

- We went to Warwick Arts Centre and saw John Mayall and Oli Brown in concert.

- I went for a 4.5 mile walk yesterday to fetch a newspaper (don't ask why, it seemed like a good idea at the time).

- We saw the sweeeeetest baby rabbits, one little grey one did everything but stand on his head and do a cartwheel in his efforts to be noticed and taken home.

- I saw two brilliant photo exhibitions by Tom Hunter.

- I also went to work but let's not talk about that. I took in a Christmas tree that we're going to decorate and enter for the Christmas Tree Festival at St Mary's Church (just across the road from us - has a very nice coffee bar and second hand bookshop!). Because our company is all about reproducing images and document management I took some photos of Christmas decorations and we printed them off to hang on the tree, clever eh?!?

- Mrs P went to the vets for a thyroid check. This was fine, and apparently her kidneys have never been better too. This good news didn't stop Mrs P from trying to go to the toilet on the vet whilst yelling loudly at her.  The vet thinks Mrs P is breathing too fast (I think she was angry at the vet!) and is also concerned that she's lost weight (I think she doesn't like renal food so have been trying to feed her up with biscuits that Posky must not know exist!).  Anyway, the vet wants her to go in and spend a few hours there on Tuesday so they can check her breathing again.  She also doesn't want her to be fed beforehand in case they need to sedate her.  Hmmmm...

And finally... a few photos from Stratford.  The first two are inside the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, love the way they've kept the Art Deco style along with the new.  The third is the cafe seating area outside the theatre, I just like the mood it evokes.  The last is the Stratford skyline with Shakespeare's statue in the Bancroft Gardens and the RST tower. Am loving that seagull!

inside the RST

Inside the RST

Outside the RST

Stratford skyline


Laloofah said...

Gracious sakes, what a chockablock-full post! You definitely had a busy seven days!

Congrats on all the freebies, what fun! (I'm quite proud of myself for even knowing that M&S is Marks & Sparks, lol, and had pangs of longing nostalgia at the mention of Boots (The Chemist), as I just loved those stores and patronized them frequently during our UK visits. I was surprised they didn't send a delegation to Heathrow to mournfully see us off!) ;-) Can't wait to hear what you get with your Amazon vouchers.

Thanks for the mention, I'm so touched that my ecard meant so much to you. (Thanks also for the inspiration to spring for a JL membership - LOVE her cards! Are you psyched about her advent calendars? Too cute! Want one!)

Can't imagine your photos not winning the animal shelter cat photo contest! And where did you see the bunnies and how on earth did you mange to NOT bring home the one who was pleading with you to take him? (Or DID you?) ;-)

Love the idea of a long walk to fetch a newspaper (but then, I'm a huge fan of long walks), and also love your Tree Festival tree decorating idea! Will there be photos for us hoi polloi to enjoy?

I swear, it's the same here. Some veterinarians seem willing to do anything they can to drum up more $$! No wonder Mrs. Pee (lol) tries to potty on them.

Your photos, as always, are delightful. Art deco always looks so stunning in B&W (I had no idea that was the decor of that theater), and you definitely owe that seagull a breadcrumb or two! S/he made that shot extra special!

jabblog said...

Busy, busy, busy (wasn't that your opening comment . . . ) Strikingly clear photos! Poor Mrs P - or should that read Poor Mrs P's vets? Hope all is well. Cats breathe fast and lose lots of fur when they're stressed.

Au and Target said...

Pretty pawsome week all round then. We're purring that Mrs P is OK at the vet's this week!

Barbara said...

Ahem, well I'm not sure what is happening with Mrs P today, she was meant to be starved last night and, well, wasn't. Will phone the vets at 8am to see what they want me to do - Mrs P of course is incredibly smug about it.
Laloofah: Gold star for recognising both M&S and Boots! Boots do have a very lame sandwich selection for veggies though - I had a rant at some poor woman who was stocking the shelves in there about it!

As for the vouchers, I've gone for the DVD of the Danish thriller The Killing which I am really looking forward to.

Yes I LOVE the JL advent calendars - Sue and I were discussing them yesterday at work, they're so gorgeous!

The bunnies were in Pets at Home (which I don't approve of as they encourage people to buy animals on a whim), but oh my they were adorable. I'm not sure how I restrained myself really, except I'd promised myself if we get another it will be from a rescue centre.

Sue and I are talking about going to the grand opening of the Christmas Tree Festival, which is to be opened by the Lord Mayor no less, and if we do (if we manage to get the firm to pay for the tickets that is, which I can't see being a problem as Sue has control of the petty cash tin and the accounts!)I will definitely try and get some photos :O) (Amazing what you can do with a hole punch, card and a bit of ribbon pilfered from the Copy Shop downstairs!)


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