Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Cats on Tuesday...

Just a few photos today from the cats at Halloween as everyone is rather subdued at the death of Ben the Bunny last night - he will get his own post shortly, but for now here are the felines hamming it up.

For his costume Posky chose to wear a rather fetching
cobweb cape with a large spider at the back of the neck, very rakish.

Pepper also chose the same outfit - this is her going trick or treating.
'By the pricking of my paw, something furry's at the door...'

At first Mrs P was going to wear a pumpkin costume as she felt
it went with her fur, then decided that was way too much
so just went with the hat instead.

And then Charlie thought about wearing a devilish cape
but decided it made him look too 'cute'.

So eventually deciding less is more, he chose to go with a garland of evil
and pulling a scary face.

For more kitties visit Gattina's Cats on Tuesday.


Gattina said...

You are lucky your cats apparently didn't protest too much ! Mine went on strike when I suggested Halloween costumes ! Anyway as nobody wears Halloween costumes in the street, they told me they didn't want to look ridiculous !
The cobweb cape with the spider is great ! They all look so cute in their costumes.
Sorry about Ben the Bunny !

Michael Rowland said...

Wow Barbara, what fun you have with your kitties,,,M

Laloofah said...

You have the most patient cats I've ever seen. :-) They all look spooktacular in their costumes - I especially love the spider web (with spider!) one. And that Charlie, ever the minimalist, please tell him he looked so frighteningly evil that I had to avert my gaze. ;-)

I'd never noticed how pretty the tip of Pepper's tail is before!

I'm sure sorry that you've lost such a sweet old friend and family member in Ben the Bunny. I'm sure he had the best life any bunny (or anyone) could hope for, but it's always so sad to have to say goodbye.

Kjelle Bus said...

Great Halloween outfit´s you all had yesterday !
My mom forgot to buy me a Halloween suit and I´m not sorry for that :)

Cindy Adkins said...

Wow - great costumes! Sorry to hear about bunny, though.
Buster, Rudy, Sam and Cindy

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

I hope that your not getting my message twice. I think Google is having some sort of problem this morning.
We think the costumes were great, The spider web cape was scary.
We are sorry about Ben. It's always very sad when we lose one of our furry friends.

Irishcoda said...

I love those costumes. You take such beautiful pictures of your cats! I'm sorry to hear about Ben the bunny.

catsynth said...

Cute pictures of the cats for Hallowe'en.
We are very sorry to hear about Ben the Benny.

Johanna said...

Wiski would never agree to wear a costume. Maybe I should train him because the cats look so cute in their costumes.
Best greetings, Johanna

Au and Target said...

We're sorry to hear about Ben the Bunny.

My how kind your cats are to you! Love that spidery cape best.

Au would be showing De Klaw and Target would be furious. Not sure about Guido, he's a softie.

Daisy said...

The spiderweb cape is very cool!

Jackie said...

Charlie, you looked devilishly cute in that red costume, our mama doesn't like spiders much so she wouldn't dress us in the scary cobweb cape that Posky and Pepper are wearing. The pumpkin hat would be OK but I don't do hats!

So sorry to hear about Ben the Bunny, mama used to have bunnies and guinea pigs, but that was long before I was born. Rappy

Barbara said...

So sad about Ben the bunny. On the other hand, the kids look really cute in their costumes - well, except for Charlie who showed his true colors in the devil's cap. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Barbara! I'm SO sorry to hear about Ben! He was such a sweet wee fellow and you must be feeling so low about his death. Sending comforting hugs.

The cats look adorable (and Charlie's attempts not to look cute have failed miserably!)

Feeling upset about Ben, though.


The Desert Rocks said...

I like the hats and the last one. Cute scary face. LOL


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