Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Cats on Tuesday...

To show that their next production for 'Drama in the Garden!' is under way, the cats decided to share a few out-takes with you.

Camera Operator: 'Action! I said ACTION!! For the love of .... 
Pepper: 'Ooh I think I found a truffle'
Posky: 'Is that a buzzard up there?'
Mrs P: 'Zzzzzzz'
Ben (just visible by the shed): 'I could have been doing Chekhov 
at the National this year...'
CO: 'CUT!'

CO: 'Now walk away from the camera. No, I said away Mrs P.
Please turn around now.

CO: 'Very nice Posky, but do you think you could bring your legs with you next time?'
Posky: 'I knew I'd forgotten something...'

CO: 'Charlie, what are you doing? Why have you inflated yourself?
You're supposed to be an evil genius not a helium balloon!'

CO: 'Pepper, walk up to Ben and touch him on the nose...
Now what's up?'
Pepper: 'I'm not acting with him, he said I was a drama queen...'

CO: 'Pepper, I think we're in the wrong location.
Nowhere in the script does it say Pepper tries to push
the ball away from the Foo Dog...'
Pepper: 'Shut up! I'm improvising!'

CO: 'Now look at the plant - that's excellent Charlie!
Charlie: 'You got the focus wrong again didn't you?
You're rubbish!'

fFor more kitties visit Gattina's Cats on Tuesday!


BookPlease said...

This made me smile and cheered me up today - so funny and so cat-like!

Gattina said...

Hahaha ! of course they never do what YOU want ! they always do what they want. And action ? when it's warm, rainy or cold, no way !
I have to run after them with my camera, that at least keeps fit because I am very lazy re sports.

Whisppy said...

Thanks for brightening up my day. The pictures and accompanying words made me smile.

Fuzzy Tales said...

This definitely cheered us up today! Love the captions...and especially love the "inflated" Charlie. LOL.

Fage said...

Cant wait to see the final product! :D

Irishcoda said...

Totally hilarious and so totally cat-like behavior in front of the camera! :)

Photo Cache said...

Dont you know kitties have their own agenda and they don't follow the script unless they want to? You are a patient mama.

Emma and Buster

Barbara said...

Very funny! Somehow I don't think this is going to be a very action-packed movie unless the cat from down the street invades or something. :D

Au and Target said...

MOL typical isn't it? The second i pick up a camera, Target shows me his bum.

Deb said...

busy busy....

Jackie said...

Making a film is so hard, no matter which side of the camera you are on.

Laloofah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laloofah said...

ROTFL!! Your outtakes are every bit as wonderful and entertaining as your polished productions!

Your caption for the first photo had me in stitches right out of the gate - what a great illustration of the "herding cats" concept! I love Ben's muttering in the corner about what might have been, and Pepper refusing to do a scene with him because he called her a drama queen. As for Mrs. P's missing legs, I think someone needs to have a stern chat with the props department!

And Charlie telling you you're rubbish yet again - perfect finale! (But really, you're brilliant!)

Barbara said...

Cats... when they're good they're usually bad, and when they're bad they're even worse.
Laloofah: First you insult our weather, then you insult the cats by mixing up Mrs P and Posky, oh dear, oh dear... ;O)

Laloofah said...

Curses. That's what I get for leaving a comment in a rush, and trying to keep track of so many photos and captions at once in my over-taxed brain! Apologies to Mrs. P for accusing her of leglessness and to Posky for accusing him of being a Mrs anybody. LOL

But I plead innocent to the charge of insulting your weather! At least on this post. And past offenses should not count against me. ;-)

svh2 said...

Good grief! That handsome chap (Charlie, of course!) looks positively rotund in that photo! Don't tell me he's been stealing everyone else's food? ('Cos I won't believe it!)

Good to see all the kits and your garden. And to see Ben with the cats, living in perfect harmony. (Or am I deceiving myself?)

Penny (polishing her rose-tinted spectacles)

Barbara said...

Penny: I've no idea what Charlie was up to in that photo - he's not skinny but he's definitely not that round either. He blames the photographer. The cats and Ben do get along pretty well, so your rose-tinted specs can be worn with aplomb :O) Pepper is rather scared of him actually, and Charlie likes to touch him on the bum to see him scamper across the grass, but on the whole, they're so used to seeing him around the house that they just live and let live.


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