Monday, 1 August 2011

Cats on Tuesday...and ABC Wednesday (C is for Cavorting Cats!)

Because they considered my last Cats on Tuesday post to be, well, rubbish, the cats have written and starred in a small entertainment for you, so without further delay...

Welcome to... 'Drama in the Garden!'

It was a sunny day in the garden, and the Buddha had sent his Disciple on a quest 
to find the Pigeon Feather of Power...
'My search is over, I have found the Pigeon Feather! Peace and harmony
will reign forever once the Buddha has this...' 
(Concerned camera operator: 'Pepper, where's the rest of the pigeon?'
Pepper: Oh don't worry about it, it will be fine after it's had counselling, 
and stop spoiling my scene!')

'Not so fast little cat! I'll have that feather!
I am going to use it to become invisible, creep up on
the Buddha and bury him under the rose bush!
No more Mr Billy Buddha in MY garden. 
And once he's gone I will use my amulet of evil* to become master of the universe!'
(cue evil genius laugh).

(*Charlie's explanatory note - that silver thingy on my collar)

'Help! Help! Stop him someone!'
The Buddha's Disciple ran like the wind to try and get to the Buddha 
before the Evil Genius Cat.
But try as she might she couldn't overtake him...
Is this the end for the Buddha? Will beings finding peace
and enlightenment become a thing of the past...?

Residents of the garden looked on appalled as
cosmic harmony was threatened by the Evil Genius and his dastardly plan...
(got to say that's damn fine acting by Mrs P!) 

One brave bunny tried to stand between the Buddha and danger,
but he was cruelly hurled out of the way like a dandelion seed
by the now invisible Evil Genius...
(No bunnies were actually hurt during the making of this...)

Suddenly, when all hope seemed lost, an Heroic Cat
launched himself into the fight!

... and with a whisk of his magical tail, 
flicked the feather away from the Evil Genius forcing him to 
re-appear and go into hiding behind the shed!
But wait... 
the feather had vanished!  
Where would the Buddha's Disciple
ever find a replacement for something so powerful?

Posky and flower
Once again the Heroic Cat came to the rescue.
'This flower is so powerful that its name may not be spoken by any but the most
enlightened beings, give this instead...'

'Brave stranger, you are my hero and I and the universe thank you!
I'll take this to the Buddha now!'

Buddha and flower
And so it came to pass that
cosmic karmic order reigned once more,
all was as it should be
and everyone was happy...

Well, almost everyone...
'CURSES! Those pesky kids
have ruined my evil plan!'

'But... I will return...'
(Cue evil genius laugh once more).


Drama in the Garden Starred
Charlie................................ Evil Genius Cat
Pepper............................... Buddha's Disciple Cat
Posky................................. Heroic Cat
Mrs Pod............................. Appalled Cat
Ben.................................... Brave Bunny
Photography by that woman we let live with us.
The cats would like to acknowledge the input of Laloofah for the 'amulet of evil' idea and also the inspiration for the flower that must not be named!

Those that can't get enough of the cats' thespian abilities might be interested in their Halloween Devil auditions

For more kitties visit Gattina's Cats on Tuesday.
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Laloofah said...

And the Oscar goes to...

All Ya'll! (As we'd say in Texas!) Oh, Barbara, this is absolutely, brilliantly hysterical! How will you ever top this one? The acting is superb (nothing less than the feline incarnations of SIR Patrick Stewart, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson), the script and suspenseful editing top-notch, the cameo appearance by the Brave Bunny of Tranquility outstanding, and special kudos go to the ever-talented cinematographer. :-) And I'm not just saying this because my name is in the credits of an Oscar-winning film! (note to self: add this to resumé).

But best of all, Peace and Enlightenment and the Beings who seek and attain them won the day! And the Buddha wasn't buried in under the rosebush.

At least... (dramatic, lugubrious music)... not this time!


This was just the best!!! Thanks for the delightfully witty, creative and entertaining fin to my day! :-)

lisa said...

These photographs are absolutely adorable Barbara!

Whisppy said...

That was one well-written and perfectly acted out drama! I think the cats should continue writing "Cats on Tuesday". LOL.

And retain the services of the "woman we let live with us" since she did such a great job on the photography!

callmemadam said...

I loved this!

Fage said...

WE LOVE THIS! And we want MORE!!

capturedalive said...

Cats cats and more cats !! Nice .....

Pheno, ABC Team

jabblog said...

I think there have to be more of these dramas on a regular basis - your cats are born thespians. Charlie is excellent - he looks really annoyed in the last scene!

Lisa said...

Oh my! How entertaining is this?! I'm sure Drama in the Garden will turn into a wonderful mini-series.

Mar said...

Such lovely shots and post!!
C is for...

Photo Cache said...

best bedtime story ever. now to napland we go. thanks guys for this dramatic presentation.

emma and buster

Barbara said...

OMG! Shakespeare lives! Great show, superb acting and kudoes to the lady who did the photography.

Gattina said...

Lol, what a great story ! I think I should also put a Buddha in our garden !
I am in Oxford now, did my first sightseeing tour this morning haven't seen any covered market yet, but lots and lots of colleges and Alice's shop ! I even bought the cat replica there, lol !

EG Wow said...

Hahaha! The cat are quite good actors and put on a fantastic performance. :)

photowannabe said...

Utterly delightful Gattina.
You win the blog prize for the most original, humorous post of the day.
A++++ and 3 gold stars.

Kathy said...

Too cute!

Laloofah said...

I have now wet myself viewing the Halloween Devil Auditions, and join my voice to the growingly raucous crowd demanding more! Encore! We want regular episodes by Feline Films, in association with Catnip Productions. ;-) It looks like it takes quite a bit of creative exertion and time on your part... but we don't care! We want more!!

I, in fact, would like to buy season tickets for box seats and a backstage pass, please. :-)

Leslie: said...

This was wonderful! I am grinning like the Cheshire Cat...hope there will be a sequel to this. Have a great week,

abcw team

Barbara said...

The cats thank everyone for their kind comments. Charlie originally wanted this to be a zombie film where he got to eat people's heads at the end, but the camera operator was a bit squeamish so we decided not to go down that route... I'm sure the cats will agree to a sequel at some point, but even getting them all to turn up for rehearsals at the same time is a bit of a nightmare!

Barbara said...

Laloofah: It takes quite a bit of time, as well as luck (!!!), bribery, flattery, tantrums, tears... (and that's just to get the camera operator into the garden). The cats thank you for your witty inspirations that add so much to their script, and also add that you'd better keep coming up with the goods if you expect any kind of special treatment ;O)

chubskulit said...

Very entertaining.

Please come and see my C, thanks a lot!

Cezar and Léia said...

Bonjour sweet Barbara and dear kitties!
wow very well done!Bravissimo!
This post has a lovely message, you kitties are so clever and mammy very talented with her camera, I'm enjoying this post, it's beautiful!
purrs and love to you all
Luna and mommy Léia

Roger Owen Green said...

your felines are a bunch of hams! bravo.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Laloofah said...

Charlie... (snort) ...zombie film... (wheeze) ...eating people's heads... (guffaw)... please... must stop now... (gasp)... dying of laughter (choke)...can't breathe!!

Okay, now that you've put that idea into our heads, you must find some old Barbie and Ken doll heads and help Charlie make his Zombie film. Halloween is less than three months away, you know! ;-)

I also nearly sucked up my cup of morning beverage through my sinus cavity when I read your line "and that's just to get the camera operator into the garden" ~ ROTFL! You tell those furry little prima donnas of yours that I will do my best to keep the material coming, but their very own cinematographer can easily provide them with enough material for half a dozen feature-length films (plus a documentary and several short films), all of Oscar caliber.

You really should have these sorts of posts published as a book. Then you could add a Pulitzer to your Oscar!

Harry Nicholson said...

This being, that becomes,
From the arising of this,
That arises.

Thanks for an entertaining flow to cheer the day - I'll now go out and be creative.

svh2 said...

'Jenny, you'll LOVE Barbara's latest post!' I yelled and she came, and she did! Surely there must be an Oscar equivalent for these talented thespians?

Also, John's about to start marking a bundle of essays on Buddhism. Would it be OK if he referred some of his students to Pepper? Her guidance would be invaluable!

I confess to a very soft spot for Charlie. Although the rest were examplary, his angry, thwarted wee face in the last scene was perfect. Was this partly because he was foiled in his zombie attempts? Yes, Hallowe'en... Bring 'em on...

Penny (who wants to be secretary of the Charlie Fan Club)

Jane and Chris said...

Love it, love it, love it!!!!
Jane x

Barbara said...

Penny: Glad you and and Jenny enjoyed it! And yes Pepper is available to answer questions on Buddhism, although being rather Zen her answers may not always seem to make any sense ;O) Charlie is... a character! He doesn't really need a reason to look angry, he often goes and beats up the rug in the hall for no reason. He would be honoured to have you as secretary of his fan club - although it doesn't mean he wouldn't give you a swipe now and then to show he cares!! And I've asked the cats to start coming up with ideas for the next script.

Rose said...


Your troupe of kitties and Brave Bunny Ben are wonderful thespians.

How terribly clever and beautiful photos! I really enjoyed this.

Kjelle Bus said...

Me and mom just love your post.
We think you should be nominated for an Oscar !!!

Thank´s for your comment on my surgery and toy :)
My mom have been taken away the stiches today = Yeah !!!

Bree said...

Best Cat post yet! LMAO! These cats are geniuses.

emeire said...

Barbara, I love it!
I've also been busy taking pictures of cat these days (not as good as yours) as I've started getting involved with an animal rescue :)


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