Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Some good causes...

Please spare time today to take a look at the following links...

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day
Animals end up in shelters through no fault
of their own.  If you're thinking of getting
a pet, please adopt an animal 
in need.

We've all heard about the human 
cost of the terrible earthquake in Japan.
Please spare a thought and a donation if you can
for the non-human victims too.
Click HERE to go the the WSPCA Animals in Disasters blog
for the latest news and to find out how you can help.

...and don't forget that here in the UK, this Friday
is Red Nose Day.  Do something funny and raise
money for charity at the same time.
My cats have promised to make an appearance
wearing a red nose - what this space!
(I tried to get Charlie to wear some
red-nose deeley-boppers but he started walking
sideways like a crab when I put them on him!).


jabblog said...

Well done, Barbara, for bringing these causes to our attention. The spaying of cats particularly and also dogs would do so much to alleviate the problem of ill-organised and ill-advised breeding.
We have pedigree animals, for well-thought-out reasons - but have not bred (cats) for thirty years or more. Breeding our Dalmatians or Labradors was never an option.
Yet we know (apparently intelligent)people who happily allow their entire female cats to wander and breed at will and produce beautiful kittens which go to homes where the message has not been received and which engender more lovely kittens. I despair!

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

Fabulous!! The participation today has been pawsome!

Seizing My Day said...

We tried using Pet Finder... and almost adopted pups we found on Pet finder... I LOVE Pet Finder! but the spaniel pups went fast... we were on a waiting list! *sigh* same with a couple other spaniel mix breeds... anyway... we ended up finding a spaniel pup through a friend... but I pitch Pet finder to anyone who tells me they want to find a pet!! =)

Anonymous said...

Great causes, all! Susie and Molly, in aprticular, approve as they came from The Cats' Protection League. Most of our animal companions over the years have been rescued. It's a good feeling to see happy pets, thinking of what their lives would have been like otherwise. If only they could all be as lucky!

Charlie in a red nose I MUST see!


Anonymous said...

That should be 'particular'...

Rural View said...

If a stray hadn't come to our house, we would have gone to the local humane society for a cat. Years ago I adopted a dog who had been tied up, thrown into a pond, and left for dead. She was the most loving animal I ever had.


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