Friday, 11 March 2011

An Award - I Haz It!...

Thank crunchy it's Friday... such a busy week at work, and I've been so tired I could slap someone.  Charlie must have felt the same as he tried to slap David last night, David was not impressed and rebuked Charlie, who promptly had a strop.  Today I'm at work until lunchtime then it's off to the vets with Mrs P for her blood test.  I am not looking forward to this.  This morning I was trying to play catch-up with the blogs I follow and was chuffed to bits to discover that I've been given an award over at Laloofah's Mehitable Days.  Her blog is great, wonderful recipes, gorgeous pics of animals and a sense of humour that always brightens my day.

Apparently I have to grovel link back to the giver of this (see above), then tell you seven random things about myself, and choose fifteen recently discovered blogs to pass it on to.

1.  As a child I was terrified of Santa.  I wouldn't go near him and hated the thought of him being in my bedroom.  Every Christmas Eve I used to get into bed with my sister Cathy, and usually managed to be ill.  One year I threw up in her bed.  She must have really hated me.

2.  I went to a yoga class for the first time last night.

3.  It drives me nuts that I am the only one out of my friends who drives a car.  I tell a lie, Debbie can drive, but she has narcolepsy so that doesn't help much.

4.  I once had to play Hamlet when studying for my BA.  

5.  I rarely watch TV, and when I do I refuse point-blank to watch any kind of reality TV programmes like Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing, I'm a Moron Get Me Out of Here, or any of the other dross that's regularly served up.  The only thing I've watched on TV this week was Prof Brian Cox's Wonders of the Universe.  Great bloke, fab programme.

6.  I joined Twitter because I take part in The Daily Shoot and that's where you have to post a link to your photo.  Three of the people I follow are Stephen Fry, the Dalai Lama and Prof Brian Cox.  Eclectic taste or what?

7.  I love going to the theatre but I can't stand musicals.  My favourite plays are Hamlet and Antony and Cleopatra.

I can't remember which blogs I've recently discovered so instead I'll pick fifteen of my faves (and don't forget Laloofah's of course).  Just thought I'd add, to the recipients below, please don't feel you have to post about this or carry it on if you don't want to.  It's just recognition and appreciation from me to you, because I love your blogs.


Daisy said...

I am a tiny bit skerred of Santa, myself. But he leaves lots of presents, so he can't be all bad. Congratulations on your award, and thank you for thinking of me, too!

Laloofah said...

:-) It looks quite lovely hanging on the wall of your blog! It was SO HARD not to at least hint to you that you needed to peek at my latest post, but I'm glad I stayed strong and let you discover it on your own, because it sounds like you found it just when you most needed a fun surprise. Sorry you had a tough week and sure hope Mrs. P's blood test goes smoothly and well (both the procedure and the results) and that you can enjoy a relaxing weekend.

I really enjoyed reading your list, and think you did a great job of groveling... er, linking back, too. ;-) Though it made me scramble for the English/American dictionary! ("Chuffed" sounds to my ear like it would mean peeved instead of happy! And "strop" I couldn't find, though I did find "stroppy = grumpy," so I imagine it means Charlie had himself a good sulk.

I've heard of kids being afraid of Santa before, but usually just of climbing on his lap, their desire of loot overriding any thoughts of the scary guy creeping into their house at night! Poor Cathy - "Merry *bluuurrrrggh* Christmas, Cath, look what I made for you!"

Congratulations on your first yoga class! How'd you like it?

I'm totally with you on Reality TV and musicals, and I love that you played Hamlet once!

HH The Dalai Lama Tweets? No shi*t? I really MUST be the last human being who doesn't do Twitter!!

I look forward to getting a chance to check out some of those blogs on your list. Meanwhile, I'm thinking good thoughts for you and Mrs. P today, and am so tickled (no, make that CHUFFED!) that you enjoyed your award! Your blog definitely deserves it, your posts are a highlight of my day! :-)

Barbara said...

Daisy - you're very welcome :O)
Laloofah - Uh oh! I forgot about the language barrier. 'Chuffed' means thrilled to bits, exceedingly happy/pleased. And strop means, well, throwing your teddy out of the cot, having a tantrum.

I thought the yoga class was great (Anna the teacher is American, but we manage to communicate ok) :O) It was hard work and that was only a beginners class, but I felt wonderful afterwards.

I think the Dalai Lama must have a minion who twitters for him - Pepper says she applied for the job.

Mrs P is having a strop downstairs because she hasn't been allowed any food for 6 hours before her blood test. She's going to have her blood pressure taken (!) and her phospherous (I think that's what I mean) levels checked. The other cats are also stroppy because I decided that they should show solidarity with Mrs P and not eat either. Pepper is standing next to me clinging to my leg! And she's now jumping on David's camera bag (as long as it's not mine I don't care).

I am chuffed that you are chuffed that I am chuffed!

Have a good one, and thanks again :O)

Laloofah said...

Thanks for the much better translation than I was able to get from the dictionary! We definitely have a chuff-fest going on (while the cat kids are having a strop-fest!)

Pepper would have made an excellent Twitterer (Tweeter?) for HH!

So glad you enjoyed your yoga class! I'm jealous of Anna, getting to live in England and teach yoga (sounds like a fun way to make a living to me!), AND she gets to have someone fun like you in her class! :-)

Good luck at the vet! Poor Mrs. Pod. If only she could understand it's for her benefit!

Barbara said...

Update on Mrs P: Her phospherous levels are fine, as is her BP. She's losing too much protein via her kidneys so it on tablets for that, and she has to go back in two weeks to have her ears checked as she's still scratching at them, her inner ears look much better however. The vet said she had the worst ears she's ever seen in a cat - Mrs P was quite proud of that. She swore at the vet when she tried to take her BP, and raised her paw to her in warning when she was looking in her ears! I now have a headache.

Barbara said...

Forgot to say... what made me laugh in the yoga class was you had to give contact details for your next of kin - LOL! That and the fact that at one point you had to stand behind someone whilst they did the downward facing dog pose, with a strap under their hips, pulling up with all your might to help them stretch their back out. Having a complete stranger's backside pointing right up at me did induce some hilarity which I had to struggle to contain... I did say to the lady in question 'it's amazing how well you get to know people in this class isn't it?' :O)

jabblog said...

I hope your weekend is a wonderful consolation prize for a rotten week. It's good to hear that Mrs P is functioning well - good luck with the tabletting! Take one for your headache at the same time - or perhaps a glass of wine would relax you more;-)
Thank you for the award - I'm delighted you thought of me but may I ask you to nominate someone else, please, as I'm one of those awkward cusses who doesn't accept awards:-)

Jay said...

Every child should be afraid of Santa. What? A big fat strange man who breaks into your house during the hours of darkness and tiptoes into children's bedrooms - and drinks the sherry and eats mince pies on his way out? And we tell our children not to take gifts from strangers. Mixed message, ya think? LOL!

I'm totally 100% with you on reality TV. And I can't remember the last time I turned the thing on and channel surfed trying to find something to watch. I think it might have been before I got my computer..

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

Oh wow!! What a surprise!!! Thank you!!!!! I am shocked!!

Please forgive me if I don't do a post...I was just given another one that I had received a few times and now it is a situation if I post about one then I am going to hurt A LOT of people's feelings and I don't want to do that! I am sooooo flattered and grateful though!! THANK YOU!!

I was always afraid of Santa too.....please let us know how Miss P did at the vet....."Ms.P" I think!

Concats on your award! We love you!
Caren and Cody

Barbara said...

Jablog and Caron - No problem. But I will leave my list as it stands as it still shows some of my favourite blogs to visit :O)

BookPlease said...

Thanks for the award, Barbara! I'll put my thinking cap on to drum up some random facts about me, that I haven't posted before!

I'm a Brian Cox fan too.

Rural View said...

I was so pleased to see my blog on your list. Since I've avoided awards too, I'll pass on posting about it, but since I love your blog so much I'm thrilled that you also like mine.

svh2 said...

Aw, thanks, Barbara! That's so sweet of you! I love your blog, too! (Sends hug.)
Glad Mrs P. seems to be OK on some fronts. It's such a shame you both have to put up with vet visits.
Totally with you on reality shows. And they are so popular! I hate the way people get a kick out of seeing others distressed and humiliated. What happened to ordinary kindness?
Laloofah, I don't tweet either. I got fed up having my screen filled with notifications that people were having a cup of coffee, so stopped. I love FaceBook, though!


Barbara said...

Penny - I am very selective about who I follow on Twitter. I cancelled my Facebook account, now there I did get fed up with the strange notifications people felt it necessary to share with the world, and what's that about people throwing sheep at you etc? Bizarre! Now I just hang about here and on Flickr.


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