Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Cats on Tuesday...

After last week's guest kitty (or 'upstart' as Charlie called her), this weeks sees the return of the four.  Well, three and a half really as Pepper was too excited by the high winds to stay in the house and kept darting in and out like an in and out thing.

I took Posky and Mrs Pod to the vets for their check-ups last week, always nerve-wracking.  True to form Mrs P swore and yelled at the vet, and even managed a hiss as she had her mouth examined.  She's fine and her ears were pronounced 'very clean', hurrah!  Poor old Posky had to be left at the vets to have blood and urine tests, which came back with no change from April so we're very pleased about that.  Both of them have lost weight however, which I think is down to the unenthusiastic response that renal food elicits (plus the fact that it is low protein). If they were all fed on tins of tuna every day they'd all be like fat furry barrels.

Talking of which... Mrs P and I were enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon reading in the study when I made the mistake of getting up to get a drink.  When I came back I found this.

Yes, Charlie had usurped my place on the sofa
and spread himself out like a bag of wet biscuits.
Cheeky little sod even put his back paws on my cushion!

This is him trying to look innocent (fail).

Mrs Pod
Here's one of Mrs P looking sickeningly cute.

Mrs Pod
...and this is her looking less than pleased
at being woken up to be told how cute she looked.
This is the face that vets usually see...

For more kitties visit Gattina's Cats on Tuesday.


Gattina said...

That's good news ! I have the same, each time I get up and come back my place is occupied. (your pictures are real cute) My cats eat less for the moment too, I think it's the "love" season although they are all spayed. Maybe they still have hormons working ....

Cezar and Léia said...

wow dear Barbara,
Your pictures are breathtaking,you are a talented photographer!
Mrs P is adorable indeed, and Charlie a handsome friend!
purrs to you all

svh2 said...

What a guy! Yes, my Tom has been known to do the same thing with John's chair. So sweet! ('You'd let that boy away with murder!' is frequently heard round these parts. Don't know why...)
Mrs P is adorable. Glad I'm not her vet, though!
It's good that they've got a clean bill of health. Maybe the heat (!) of summer has made them less inclined to eat so much? Though I believe the low protein stuff is NOT too palatable. :o(

jabblog said...

It's always exciting going to the vets! The seat usurpers in this house are usually black Labradors, though Winston likes Barry's chairmaker's chair.

Jackie said...

My Rappy thinks you have stolen his photo, and he says his name is not Charlie! (They could be twins.)
Rappy prefers to sit on me, rather than in my seat, but Calli has absolutely no compunction about moving into my place the moment I move, well, she is the matriarch now, I guess that gives her precedence!

Barbara said...

Maybe along with your usual payment to your valiant vet you should give him a nice bottle of wine (or calming tea) so he can decompress after one of your visits. :)

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

Your pictures are beautiful. My cats like to sit behind me in the computer chair. It makes a nice soft cushion for my back.

meowmeowmans said...

We laughed out loud when we saw Charlie sprawled out in your just-vacated spot. Moosey and Sammy do the same thing to us. :)

Mrs. P is beautiful even when she's got her less-than-pleased face on!

Have a great day.

The Chair Speaks said...

Love the look on the kitties' faces that says you human slave! LOL!

Kjelle Bus said...

Lovely black and white pictures on Charlie and Mrs P !
Glad to hear that the check up at the vet whent OK !!


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