Monday, 26 September 2011

Before and After...

Happy Monday everyone (is that an oxymoron?) ;O) Today I'm linking up with MimiBeth Photography  with some before and after shots.  These are some of the shots I took in the cemetery yesterday along with the edited versions.  I had a poem running around my head the whole time I was there: Margaret, are you grieving / Over Goldengrove unleaving? (from Spring and Fall by Gerard Manley Hopkins), and I think I was trying to capture the melancholy mood of that with these images.

Autumn Leaves...

Autumn Leaves
A bit of saturation and sharpening just gave it some oomph!

Bench and Trees...

Bench and trees
With these shots what I didn't want to do
was lose the mistiness and autumnal softness
that was in the air.  So I slightly saturated the colours
and did a high pass filter effect on them.

Autumn Path...

I did the same with this but also
cropped it at the right to get rid
of the grave stones that were rather distracting.

Angel and cobweb...

Statue and cobweb
I did like the original of this but
still wanted it to be moodier.
I converted to black and white, added a texture
that darkened the image around the edges
and then sharpened it.
I like the way it brought out
the texture of the stone.


Fuzzy Tales said...

LOVE all the shots, both the before and after. There's a cemetery quite close to me, less than 2kms, and I sometimes walk to it on a Sunday morning and stroll around. Part of the Rideau Trail (that runs between Kingston and Ottawa) goes through it, it's an easy walk. Always something different to catch one's eye.

You've inspired me; maybe this weekend, if the weather's good, I'll take my good camera and go.

Amy said...

I especially love the leaves and the angel with the cobweb! You did a great job with them! Thanks for linking up!

lisa said...

These are wonderful photographs Barbara!
I am head-over-heels in love with the bench shots!

Bek said...

I love them all! Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I can't get enough of all the colors! You captured the feeling that goes along with it very well.

K Soucy said...

Wow! I really love the last one. :)

Anonymous said...

You are such a Photoshop wizard! I need you by my side, giving me a tutorial! I love all the shots and couldn't think of choosing a favourite!


Pieces of Sunshine said...

Wonderful photos and I like how you gently improved them.


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