Monday, 16 May 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday...

It's been ages since I took part in the Scavenger Hunt, so thought I'd give it a go.  These aren't the most original shots I've ever taken for the Scavenger Hunt but what the heck!

'Give me flowers..' 
(I so want to write 'or else...!' after that)
These are hyacinths in a pot in Cath's garden

'Visual Contrast'
Small cat, big garden, or black and white cat amidst greenery - take your pick.
This is Cath's cat Henry in her garden
(you can sense a theme developing here can't you?).

I used this in the previous post on Pusskins, but I like it
so much I thought I'd get some more mileage out of it.

'Before and After', and 'Dark'
I thought I would cunningly combine these two titles in one.
It's a pic of Charlie and is woefully underexposed in the original as I had
to be quick when I took it (hence the 'Dark' title!).
Through the magic of using RAW files I was able to lighten it, then I turned it 
into a b&w image and cloned out the scratch on his nose.


Mum of Monsters said...

Oh my, I love all these pictures!

The Paw Relations said...

Fantastic pictures, every one of them.

Thank you for commenting on and following my blog. I would love to follow you back, but Blogger is being mean and saying 300 blogs is enough for anyone to follow :(

Herding Cats x


Cedar said...

The friendship shot is fantastic! Wonderful purple flowers!

Ashley Sisk said...

Really great job - I love your friendship shot - I also really like the first photo. Love it!

Gattina said...

Of course I love your cat pictures ! I just had the time to read the presentation and description of all your cats ! Charlie looks a bit like Rosie, but they don't have the same character at all ! Rosie can be a little bitch and is female from top to bottom ! She does with Arthur (the white cat) whatever she wants !

svh2 said...

I want to sit at your feet (or, maybe, on a chair beside your computer) and get you to teach me all the wonderful things you do with RAW and Photoshop and stuff like that! I LOVE your photos; can't begin to choose a favourite...

Barbara said...

Thanks all :O) Penny - LOL! I've only recently started shooting in RAW but it does give you much better images and much more leeway to alter them. I use the software that came with the camera to download and alter white balance/exposure etc. For anything else I use the very old Paint Shop Pro 7. It's much cheaper than Photoshop!

Cezar and Léia said...

I love the B&W shots, wonderful pictures!Friendship is brilliant!
Hugs and purrs for you all
Luna - WE LOVE LUNA and mommy Léia

svh2 said...

So I should stop skipping the pages about shooting in RAW in my (many) how-to camera books? I'm scared! What if I destroy them all??? They're humble photos, but mine own!

I have Photoshop Elements 7, but I've heard a lot about Paint Shop Pro...


Barbara said...

Hi Penny, Elements made my PC run very slow (and I was a bit frustrated about what it could and couldn't do). With Paint Shop you get 'Curves' (which Elements doesn't have but the full blown Photoshop does). Have you had a look at GIMP (free photo processing software)? It's not bad and I think you can process RAW files with it too.


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