Saturday, 14 May 2011

Pets Forever and Cats on Tuesday - A bit of a sad photo shoot...

Some of you may remember me mentioning my friend Cath's cat Pusskins who had his leg amputated late last year.  Well, he's recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer and will probably only live a few more months.  It's so sad as he's come through being a stray, the problems with his leg and also having a tumour removed from his neck.  Cath asked me to take some photos of him that she could have framed, so yesterday afternoon we had great fun in her garden with me prone on the concrete slabs trying to get some shots of her two errant cats (the other one is called Henry and is a bit camera shy).  Pusskins is fine at the moment, he doesn't look or feel ill, isn't in any pain, and lives life to the full.  These are a few of the 120 pictures I took! He's a bit of a star.

Pusskins #2

Pusskins #3

Pusskins #4

Pusskins #5

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Fuzzy Tales said...

He's a handsome boy and you've taken wonderful photos. We're so very sorry for his terminal diagnosis, but are glad he's well-loved and cared for.

-Kim and the boys

Barbara said...

Scaredy Cat has similar markings to Pusskins. How sad that Cath will lose him soon, but at least he had a good life with her after being a stray. You can tell how loved he is. I'm so sorry.

The Paw Relations said...

Thank you for commenting on our blog. We're so sorry that poor Pusskins is unwell and may be going to the bridge soon. What beautiful pictures of Pusskins.

The Mum said that you can readily get catnip seeds from Ebay. The nip we were playing with is actually cat mint Nepeta Racemosa, not as strong as cat nip, but still fun, plus it attracts buzzy bees. You can get cat mint seeds through Ebay too.

Why not check out The Mum's other blog, Herding Cats?

magiceye said...

heya pusskins! sorry to hear about the cancer but am glad that you are living it up now! holding good thoughts for you and praying that you live a lot more!!

Woof woof
from Bozo
Pets forever

Karen and Gerard said...

Pusskins is very tough and so cute! We are happy he is not in any pain now and the owner has lots of good pictures of him! Hang in there Pusskins!

Manny & Spunky Doodle

Stopping by from Pet Pride.

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous shots of a stunning cat!

Sylvia K said...

My heart goes out to you! It is so hard to lose a well loved pet and Pusskins is such a gorgeous cat! I know he will be sorely missed! So glad you will have these wonderful pictures!

Sylvia and Sam

Anonymous said...

I saw these photos on Flickr (you are my flickr friend!). What a sweet-looking cat and what wonderful photos. He's obviously well-loved and looked after. Please tell your friend I'll be thinking about her and Pusskins.


Julie said...

He's such a handsome cat! Those are great shots, you're a good friend. :)

Kjelle Bus said...

What a handsome boy !
Lovely photos you´de been taken !
Both me and mom would have love to see you crawl around on the ground :)
Sorry to here about his diagnose :(

Photo Cache said...

Oh what a gorgeous little fur baby. Buster and Emma are sad to hear about this sad sad news, but the photos you took are lovely and will be constant reminder of the joys he brought to his people.

Luna and Luzie said...

Awww poor boy. he looks so handsome.
Lovely photos.
Hope he has no suffer!

Cheri said...

Just lovely - these pics will be treasured. Sending lots of purrs for Pusskins. Hope he lives a long time before feeling any signs of the cancer.

Cats of Wildcat Woods


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