Sunday, 13 February 2011

A post for Valentines Day

I don't do Valentines Day... I've always found the whole commercialisation of love thing a bit strange.  But to be seasonal here is a picture of a heart because, well, it was just there, and also two snippets from Wendy Cope's June to December.  Enjoy :O)

Going Too Far
Cuddling the new telephone directory
After I found your name in it
Was going too far.

It's a safe bet you're not hugging a phone book,
Wherever you are.

Spring Onions
Decapitating the spring onions,
She made this mental note:
You can tell it's love, the real thing,
When you dream of slitting his throat.

(From Wendy Cope's Making Cocoa for Kinsley Amis)


Rural View said...

We don't do Valentine's Day either. My Dave and I show and tell each other we love each other every day of the year.

jabblog said...

I like Wendy Cope's verse - very pithy :-)
We don't 'do' Valentine's Day either. I always found it faintly creepy when I was teaching and fathers sent Valentine cards to their seven-year-old daughters :-/

svh2 said...

Nope, Valentine's Day doesn't feature in our lives, either... But I LOVE hearts and have them all over the house. There are three, two ceramic and one metal, hanging from the shelves over my desk as I type. Nice photo! (Of course!)

I googled 'Daily Shoot' and have favourited it. I might try some - just privately, to begin with. Do you have to be on Twitter to post? I used to tweet, but got fed up with my computer screen being filled with people telling me they were having a cup of coffee!


The Desert Rocks said...

Onions huh? Wonder what she felt dicing the sausage?

Barbara said...

The Desert Rocks - LOL!! Now that did make me laugh :O))
Jabblog - Hmmm, yes that is just a bit creepy!
Rural View - Now that's what love should be about...
Penny - I quite like hearts as shapes too, this little flower one is the only one i have though (my Mum bought it for me). There is a Flickr group for The Daily Shoot you don't have to Tweet a link to your photo if you don't want, but there are all levels of photographers taking part. I only joined Twitter for that and follow very few people, Stephen Fry is one of them (I think he's great). I used to be very shy about posting photos anywhere, now I just don't care!

Laloofah said...

That's a lovely heart. If you're going to make a simple, subtle and classy nod to this crassly commercialized holiday, that's the way to do it. :-)

I liked the first poem, very clever. And I too had to LOL at Desert Rocks' comment about the second one!


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