Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Opportune moments for photography involving cats and devils...

It’s almost Halloween. The fireplace is tastefully decorated, we have a seasonal autumnal wreath, there’s a large stuffed spider hanging about and Count Dracula is sitting in the armchair.

The only thing left to do is to decide who is going to be this year’s Halloween Devil. To this end we decided to hold auditions for the part.

'Someone said they give you free chicken for turning up...'

Posky was the first to audition. Although he did try hard, his costume only just covered his head and to be honest, he’s far too fluffy and nice to be a devil. Even so, the judges applauded his effort and he was given a cat treat for turning up and looking beautiful.

'To be a devil or not to be a devil, that is the question...'

Next it was Pepper’s turn. We had high hopes for her as she is a little devil for most of the year. However, half way through a devilish show of back-arching and hissing, she got distracted by this year’s prize (a plastic pumpkin toy) and ran off to play with it instead.

'Did I win?  Did I win?...'

'Oooh look, orange shiney thing...'

There was a moment of excitement when one of the candidates was discovered to be human - they were quickly dealt with and evicted.
Not a cat

We have to say that we were very impressed with Mrs Pod, not only did her costume fit, she also posed in it as if born to say ‘I’m ready for my close-up Mr De Mille…’.

'And this is my Queen Victoria in devil-mode impression...'

As usual, Charlie was late. He came in, took one look at what was happening, stole the stuffed Halloween bat and ran for the stairs where he killed it. We thought that this improvisation was excellent although he did lose marks for not wearing a costume and for threatening violence to one of the judges (who then had to have a chocolate biscuit to calm his nerves).

'Hello... what's all this about then?'

'I see it... I don't believe it but I see it...'

'And I'll just be taking that with me thank you very much...'

'And this is my impression of a devil
about to rip your face off if you come any nearer with that...'

Even Ben the bunny got in on the act – or rather tried to. He really entered into the spirit of things although couldn’t actually be seen under the devil costume as it is ‘fat cat’ size and he’s ‘exceedingly small bunny’ size. Nevertheless he was given extra grated carrot as a reward.

Ben totally submerged himself in the role...

After long deliberations the judges awarded the title of Halloween Devil 2010 to Mrs Pod, a worthy winner who accepted her prize (after it was wrenched from the claws of Pepper) graciously and without any tears and boring acceptance speeches. Pepper was given a small ghost toy as runner-up along with Charlie, who won a fish and was obviously moved beyond words with it. (Posky didn’t turn up for his prize as he had fallen asleep in the study and was therefore disqualified).
'I'd like to thank the Academy...'

'I don't want any plastic ghost crap!  I wanted to win!!'

'Yeah, cheers, thanks a lot, you shouldn't have, I mean
you really shouldn't have...'

This was my entry for ABC Wednesday - to see more 'O' words go to http://abcwednesdayround3.blogspot.com/

And for more gorgeous kitties go to Cats on Tuesday at http://gattinamycats.blogspot.com/


The Chair Speaks said...

love that devil's audition sign and all the kitties participated! Cute! LOL!

BookPlease said...

Wow what a celebration! I was worried about Count Dracula and the big spider - until I saw them, ha, ha!Not so scary after all. Have a great Halloween.

Julie said...

Too cute! Mrs Pod definitely deserved the roll. ;)

RuneE said...

A magnificent post - both well written and well illustrated. Now, I have a problem: I'm not allowed near cats (doctor's orders) and I don't believe in the devil - so what do I do? :-)

Barbara said...

Thanks for the comments all! RuneE - if you lived with four cats you would probably believe in the devil :O)) I can let you borrow Ben - very small bunny, no bad habits and only one tooth in his head!

Sylvia K said...

What a fun post for the O Day! Love your cats! They're so funny and cute! Hope you all have a great week, Barbara!


EG Wow said...

Your cats are precious and your imagination wonderful!

Cezar and Léia said...

hehehe cute and funny post, it's almost Halloween indeed!

Roger Owen Green said...

The cat is afraid of no ghost. He should put that on his resume.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Reader Wil said...

What a funny story! I love cats! So I enjoyed reading this very much!Thanks!

Babooshka said...

Brilliant. Witty, and the photography as a photographer really caught by eye. Cats great subjects to photograph.

Mara said...

This was so brilliant. It must have been a lot of work trying to get all those cats to audition, but the result was great. Great O!

PS: I love Count Count (the doll on the chair)

Lui said...

Applause! Applause!
My dog Sweepy agrees MrsPod deserves the win. But SUmo thinks it should be Charlie sans costume. I think it should go to the hooman but was disqualified ;-)

Kay L. Davies said...

What a lot of fun was had by all. Great photo Opportunity, great photos, and perfect performing cats. LOL

Kay, Alberta

Tumblewords: said...

Terrific play-by-play of the October festival of HallOween!

Barbara said...

The cats send their thanks to all for your kind comments. The devil costume has mysteriously disappeared although Posky said he did see Charlie stealthily dragging something red through the cat flap. He's probably sold it to the cat down the road...

Dani said...

This was a real fun post. I just so enjoyed it.

Thank you for the lovely words on my blog.

Jingle said...

creative, entertaining, and cute post.
love your cats.
elegant o take.

mrsnesbitt said...

Wow! It is so encouraging to read posts like yours - truly inspirational and so creative - a real ABC follower!
Thanks so much for contributing such a well thought out post. I really appreciate the hard work and thinking behind it.

ABC Team

Anonymous said...

Just as in the human Oscars, this must have been a very difficult job for the judges! All of those kits would have been worthy winners. On the night, though, I think the prize went to the best cat for the job. (But I think the conditions were unfair on Ben. No rabbit can show his full thespian potential when shrouded in his costume...)
Love the decorated house, BTW! :)

Laloofah said...

I am totally infatuated with your fun catcentric stage plays now! Between this one and the award-winning "Drama in the Garden," I think I have given myself a laughter hernia! :-D

It's all so devilishly clever and adorable! I absolutely love seeing everyone (well, everyone who would deign to wear it) in the devil costume! It looks like Mrs. Pod, though striking a classic diva pose (totally "Sunset Boulevard!"), apparently was given the wrong script by her agent, and showed up to audition for the lead in "Little Red Riding Hood," while poor Ben looks like a beached crab! LOL!

Pepper never fails to amuse me (she and BW would get along great, his Native American name is "Easily Distracted!") and Charlie's paw clutching the bat is so very him (and one of my favorite photos in the bunch!) I enjoyed the awards ceremony as much as the audition, and am glad everyone came away a winner. Well, except for the disqualified Posky ~ whose own fault it was for sleeping through such a momentous event ~ and the non-human who was detected trying to infiltrate the auditions, and once exposed by the Dreaded Finger of Judgement, Doom, and Chocolate Biscuits When Things Get Harrowing, was summarily evicted. Which is rather a shame, really, because she clearly would have been perfect in the role of The Devil. ;-)

I can see why you covet my ghost light! Clearly you get into Halloween as much as I do! We should combine forces and throw a party. Pity that half a continent and a vast pond come between us to foil such diabolical plans.

My congratulations to the entire cast of this production! Bravo!

Barbara said...

Ben the beached crab!! LOL!!! A combined Halloween party would be such fun, but I dread to think what evil torments Charlie would come up with for your poor dogs...

Laloofah said...

I know, even the three of them together would be no match for Charlie! They'd be truly terrorized. Which is too bad, really, because Tess and Willow love to play dress up, so the whole costume thing is right up their alley, and Josie has a personality so like Charlie's that were they not warring species, they'd no doubt be allies if not friends. (Maybe it's good that an alliance between them isn't possible!) :-) It puts me rather in mind of the Hardy poem, The Man He Killed, with which I've taken vast and appalling liberties...

Yes; quaint and curious war is!
You'd set out to destroy
One you'd treat, if met where any food dish is,
Or help to steal a toy.



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