Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Cat of the week - not

We've decided that Charlie must have one of those faces that make other cats want to beat him up.  It happened frequently at our last house and we were forever having to take him to the vets to be stitched up.  We thought this had stopped once we moved but last week he appeared with an abscess on his back.  As it had burst I cleaned it up and thought it looked ok, then a few days later an ominous swelling appeared near it - yet another abscess!  I let David to take him to the vets on Monday whilst I was at work - poor old Charlie had to stay in all day, get knocked out, cleaned up, and injected with various things.  We picked him up that night along with a course of anti-biotics and a bill for £133!!!  (At least he's insured...).  He came home - ate - went out - came in - ate - went upstairs - came down - ate, then collapsed in a heap and went to sleep. He seems ok now apart from a bald patch on his back and a nasty looking wound, but refuses to take his tablets whole and has to have them crushed to a fine powder and added to food.

Charlie - wounded but still eating!

Yesterday I was just about to get in the car and go to work when David saw a hedghog run under it!  It then decided that just behind the front wheel was a great place to hide.  I took a picure of it on my phone whilst David ran for the gardening gloves and moved it to the back garden.  I gave it some cat food but it wasn't interested - although the cats were:  Pod went right up to the hedghog and sniffed it but decided the cat food looked a better option.  It was last seen legging it around to a neighbours - probably the catering facilities there were more to his taste.

Probably not the best hiding place in the world...

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