Sunday, 13 June 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

It feels like I haven't stopped to think let alone sit down and relax this weekend.  Friday night we went to Stratford to see the RSC's Morte D'Arthur, which was an experience!  First the director Greg Doran came on and apologised for the fact they hadn't had time to do a full rehearsal as it was such a long play (it was on from 7.15pm until 11pm), and things did seem to keep going wrong techinically, and finally 15 minutes from the end Greg came back on and said he was stopping the performance as Sam Troughton who played Arthur had been taken ill.  He did look and sound awful - hope it was nothing too serious.  Visually the play was stunning, and the effects were so clever, well worth seeing.  The language is completely different to Shakespeare, none of the rich poetry, and the characters too are quite 'flat', but it really will be a wonderful production once they iron out the problems.

On Saturday we went to the Great Central Railway's World War II Event which was great fun.  Took quite a few photos and the only annoyance of the day was that as the event was spread over four locations, we had to pay £5 to go on the platform at Loughborough Station and another £5 to go into the event at Quorn Station too.  A bit steep methinks. It should have been £5 for the event, plus extra if you actually travelled by train.

A tree near the field where we parked - I just like trees

Lola Lamour, excellent 1940s style singer

World War II Nurse




Today David kindly helped me with my fitness kick by coming on a 10km walk with me, and we did it in 1 hour 45 minutes!  I even had the energy to go shopping this afternoon and bought him a swiss roll in gratitude (he was shattered and had to go and lie down :O)), I also attacked two of our garden shrubs with shears (have probably killed them as I've no idea what I'm doing despite my Dad being a gardener), and pulled up some ornamental grass that was threatening to take over the front garden.  And tomorrow it's back to work...


Ruth said...

Yet more great photos! I love that D had to go and like down after walking 10k ~ wimp! What's he up to with his ever-so-quiet-of-late blog??

Barbara said...

He did recover enough to go to work last night! He's not done that much photography-wise this year, but he has got a photo shoot lined up for this Saturday at Bicester so watch this space...


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