Thursday 20 February 2014

Cats on Tuesday... (yes it's late again)

I'm sorry ok?!? There was this thing involving snakes - and no the cats aren't impressed with that excuse either...

... as you can tell by Pepper's reaction.

Charlie was totally depressed about my
inability to keep them in the spotlight...

... and he was livid to find a large
canvas of a d*g in the living room.
(A client had ordered it so I've
put it away safely until I get
to deliver it).

... but perked up when he
discovered a cat's paw under the curtain
that needed to be attacked.

I found an old soft focus filter in my camera bag from
when I used to shoot film, and used it on Mrs P.
She was slightly mollified but not enough to
want to know me.

Ralph was just Ralph...
He tried to look vaguely menacing
for a moment...

...before becoming distracted
and running into the garden to
to try and catch a pigeon.


Mascha said...

So lovely and funny photos - I like your blog, not only this one post.
Greetings from Germany :-)

Barbara said...

Hi Mascha - thank you, glad you could drop by :-)

William Kendall said...

You really bring out the character of the Usual Suspects! I love Pepper's reaction!

Gattina said...

Your photos are always gorgeous ! What would we do without cats, life would be so boring !

Nicki said...

We're talking cats - there is no such thing as "late". Their terms/their time table. Love that shot of Ralph and Pepper's expression - funny. (and to be safe, I won't mention how awesome that d*g canvas looks).

Unknown said...

Love the photos and the script!

Ida said...

As always it is just a delight to see your wonderful cat photos. You've got some real characters there for sure.


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