Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Wordless Wednesday...

 'There is no spoon...'

Samadhi Raja Sutra

Know all things to be like this:
A mirage, a cloud castle,
A dream, an apparition,
Without essence, but with qualities that can be seen.

Know all things to be like this:
As the moon in a bright sky
In some clear lake reflected,
Though to that lake the moon has never moved.

Know all things to be like this:
As an echo that derives
From music, sounds, and weeping,
Yet in that echo is no melody.

Know all things to be like this:
As a magician makes illusions
Of horses, oxen, carts and other things,
Nothing is as it appears.

The Buddha


Kathy said...

Aside from obviously being VERY coordinated, your creativity always inspires me.

Fuzzy Tales said...

LOL at the "very coordinated" comment. Definitely an extremely creative post! And I love the text from the Buddha.

Barbara said...

Since I've been away for a week, I've missed your creative photography. This is excellent. I was in Hartford, CT wishing I had your skills (and camera) to take pictures of the wonderful old mansions we drove by there.

The Desert Rocks said...

Great photo Barbara!! Thanks for sharing it and the poem!

RuneE said...

Wisdom in a spoon - to be taken three times a day :-)

Barbara said...


Someone on Flickr pointed out to me that it looks as if there's a ghostly figure in the background trying to reach out and get me!!

Erika Price said...

Love the photo, and this very inspirational mantra! Thank you so much for dropping by! Erika x


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