Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Cats on Tuesday...

They're back!  The new all improved iMAC flavoured cats!  The news (!) this week is that Posky had his fur clipped on his belly as it had become more knot than fur - David held him whilst I wielded the scissors and he was a lot more co-operative than certain black and white cats would have been.  And talking of which... Charlie and Pepper had some kind of war going on over the weekend and so both now have small scratches on their faces.  And Mrs P tried to get us to bring her food to her on the chair to save her having to walk into the kitchen - that will be NO then!  Perhaps most newsworthy though is the fact that Mrs P and Posky shared the white fluffy throw - something that neither of them have yet recovered from.

We've been experimenting this week with the Little Photo app on my phone which gives some great effects to photos - if you've got an Android phone then check it out - it's free too which is a always a bonus :O)

Mrs P...
This is her
'I am vastly disappointed in my servants...'

Posky and David...
David needs a shave - Posky no longer does. 

Two curly cats...
Posky and Mrs P sharing.

And no she doesn't really have a big giant head!
All above photos taken and processed on my phone.

Charlie... Showing his non-Peppered profile
as he feels shame that he got smacked
by a girl.

However Pepper has no
qualms about showing the 'ENORMOUS'
scratch that Charlie inflicted upon her

For more kitties visit Gattina's Cats on Tuesday.


Gattina said...

Are you sure you talk about a phone and not a camera which you can also use as a phone ?? The pictures are so nice ! Kim too has her belly full of knots, but now way to catch her and hold her, she feels immediately when we have some (bad) intentions. It's just crazy. I have to go with her to the groomer again ! Putting her in the carrier is already exhausting !!

Kjelle Bus said...

Very nice pictures on you all !
I shall tell my mom that she shall look for this photo app on her android :)
Have a pawsome tuesday !!

Dianne said...

these photos are fantastic!!
that's some phone

I love the stories, just like here

Kathy said...

That first photo all I could think of when looking at that expression was "Let them eat cake!" And I have to tell you...since I started reading your posts I have been inserting the word "whilst" into my vocab, haha. I just love that word and it isn't used NEARLY enough on this side of the pond!


Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

You take the best pictures!! I love the last one the most.

Barbara said...

Gattina - yes definitely a phone :O) If my camera could act as a phone too I'd be really worried as it would be far too clever by half!

Kjelle Bus - oh yes tell your human to get that app - it's great fun.

Dianne - thank you :O)

Kathy - We've always said that Mrs P is the Lady Bracknell of the cat world - 'a handbag!' etc. As for 'whilst', I often think about not using it when I'm writing but I can't stop myself! All those years of academic essays have ingrained it into me and I can feel my tutors breathing down my neck if I so much as think of writing 'while'. And it even seems wrong writing it there! LOL!

Iris - your comments are always so kind - thank you :O)

Laloofah said...

Mrs. Pod looks utterly put out and disgusted - the caption is perfect! (And so is her sentiment. Don't you people know that you are in the cats' employ?)

And oh, poor Pepper! She's lucky she didn't bleed to death from that enormous gaping face wound! Her modeling career may be in jeopardy! Not. :-)

What a fun post (as usual), and extra fun that it came from a Mac. :-) Great to see the fabulous felines on parade once again!

jabblog said...

Great fun and really good photos from your phone, too.

Barbara said...

Laloofah - that wound is shocking isn't it? ;O)

Jabblog - Thank you! It's fun having such a small camera with me instead of lugging around the Canon.

Splendid Little Stars said...

fun post! such kitty antics! really!
love all your photos--fun effects!

Splendid Little Stars

Nadezda said...

Très belles photos.

Anonymous said...

I knew I'd missed you (haven't been in blogdom for far too long), but I hadn't realised just how much! There is NOTHING I don't love about your posts. I can even accept your slanders on that poor, innocent boy. Framed, as usual!


Barbara said...

Penny - he has you wrapped around his paw :O)))


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