Monday, 16 August 2010

A nice Sunday...

 I won't talk about Saturday which, due to male ineptitude and general unpleasantness was written-off, but Sunday was great.  I left everyone else asleep then went to pick Cath up for our Sunday morning yomp around Bradgate Park.

Charlie demonstrates the 'after breakfast, before mid-morning snack' sleeping position

Whilst Pod does her 'cushion slug' pose

How can a day not go well which starts with your best friend giving you a BIG jar of giant olives at 7a.m?  I love olives... it says on the jar these have to be eaten within two weeks of opening - it won't be a problem. 


Then it was off to Bradgate Park.  It was misty, cool and damp, a hint of autumn in the air.  We started off by climbing up to Old John, a folly on top of the highest hill in the park with fantastic views, then to the War Memorial and then we just walked for an hour and a half.  It was a lovely morning with the deer appearing out of the mist and the bracken just beginning to turn.  By the time we made it up the last hill back to the car park the sun had burned through and we were hot, tired and very ready to collapse in Starbucks on the way home!

Old John

The War Memorial

The Park deer

The reward!

Then it was home, shower, change and I then decided to go to the meditation centre at Kelmarsh in the depths of Northamptonshire for lunch.  It is a lovely, tranquil place with a World Peace Cafe which serves the nicest veggie food.  D hadn't been before but was impressed.  They have a lovely black cat who lives there but who ignored me despite my overtures of friendship. 

The Kelmarsh Panther - guarding the path to enlightenment...

D then wanted to visit Harrington, a place not far from Kelmarsh with an abandoned airfield.  We walked probably a couple of miles up the taxi-way and back - me admiring the view and enjoying the peace and quiet, D taking photos of old concrete bunkers.

Yet more walking...

Then it was home with enough time to catch a few more episodes of The West Wing on DVD before bed.  What's not to like?

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Ruth said...

Love that shot of the War Memorial. I'm all for rewards in Starbucks and then chilling with the West Wing. You've converted mum, she has borrowed my series 4-7!


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